To What Extent was the Defeat of Nazi Germany in the Second World War as a Result of Allied Bombing Campaigns?

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To What Extent was the defeat of Germany in the Second World War due to the impact of the allied bombing campaigns?

The German defeat in 1945 came down to a number of factors, the allied bombing campaigns did have disastrous effects on the civilian population, but it was Hitler’s underestimation of his opposition which ultimately caused his downfall.

The allied bombing campaigns over Germany targeted many civilian buildings but far from crushing morale, much like the British response to the Blitz, most people (under the hypnosis of Goebells propaganda) were even more motivated to wage “Total war” Despite this 80% of the German Luftwaffe had to be used to defend German skies, rather than supporting the troops. Meaning the allies had a very good position of which to be offensive. Despite this, Hitler’s view of the enemy was worse as it allowed a good offensive for the allies as well as a weak defence from the Axis.

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 Hitler saw Russia as an unstable house, “kick the door in and the entire structure will come down with it.” This was mainly because he saw them as inferior sub-humans, as well as knowledge of their struggle against Finland in 1939. In 1941 when he invaded the Soviet Union he was so confident that it would be over in 6 weeks, he did not issue his troops with winter uniform, a disastrous mistake which meant that when winter did eventually arrive, men were dying, not just from the enemy, but also from pneumonia and hypothermia. On top of that, ...

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