To what extent was the position of black people improved in the years 1945-55

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To what extent was the position of black people improved in the years 1945-55

The position of black people changed to some extent, such as socially things were improved by eradication of segregation in the army by Truman, and also politically through the Brown vs. Blair case, however things that limited the black peoples position during 1945-55 was the deep-seated racism that was in the South and it eventually moving into the North, which was caused through black people now benefiting from the war due to whites having to go fight and jobs being available for them.

The social status of black people was improved to a much larger extent compared to the political and economic status. The first real jump up the social ladder was when World War 2 started; blacks and whites fought the same war. When in the barracks, front line and parades they were segregated through law. Black people were not treated the same even though the enlistment for blacks was much higher. The problem blacks realised was that America joined a war initially to solve Nazi racism but soon blacks and whites both caught on to that fact that America are fighting a war where the problem was occurring in their same country. Truman in 1948 issued an order that desegregated the military.

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Truman issuing this order proved a big win socially for Black people, and this shows that to a fairly large extent that black people’s position was improved, because now that Blacks and whites could mix in the military, peoples opinion can change on them, as they will be fighting with each other and saving one another, so trust will be built, therefore blacks are no longer thought of as animals but as near enough equals.

Not only did desegregation occur but after the war the NAACP and CORE started gaining members so much that members tally’s grew over 4 ...

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