Vietnam - reasons the US lost the war.

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VIETNAM PAPER- Why did we lose? The United States involvement in Vietnam started when the Vietnamese were fighting the French for independence. From the year 1945 up until 1975 the United States had a role in lives of many Vietnamese and Americans. This war was consisted North Vietnam, South Vietnam and the Americans after the French decided to give up to Vietnam. According to the United States we decided to go to war to stop communism from taking over Asia, also known as the "Domino Theory" and its freedom from attack. The Vietnamese had another reason to continue fighting the United States. First, the people were nationalists and they loved their country and believed in independence. This is what allowed them to win the war with strong confidence. Today many people still question, what were the reasons for the United States fiasco in Vietnam? The United States did not succeed politically or military in Vietnam due to internal and external cost. The internal elements have to do with the fact that the United States lost public support for the war due to number of casualties, mistaken government policies and the activists of the anti war movement. The external costs have to do with the nature of war itself which was more of guerilla war and with the mistaken assumptions that's the United States carried into the war. These mistaken assumptions includes the belief that the war was won due against communism, obeying the idea of the domino theory and not that the war was really an independent struggle by the Vietnamese. These mistakes create further complications because the United States started to use tactics that hurt the Vietnamese people and because they supported the governments in South Vietnam that were anti-democratic and unpopularIn the 20th century Vietnam has experience wars to gain independence from the French, Japanese and Americans. Vietnam struggles to fight for independence for hundreds of years from the Japanese up until 1945 due to the lost of World War II. France remains in power still controlling Vietnam as a colony with the aid of the United States. From 1941, Ho Chi Minh decided to start the Vietminh. The Vietminh were a group that later became as an independence movement against the French. Many people supported Ho Chi Minh for his actions especially his own people. Vietminh became larger and stronger which made it very difficult for the French to continue defeating them. With the aid of the United States, still there was no victory possible. By 1954, the Vietminh defeated the French. The French decided to return back home by the United States decided they couldn't leave. Vietnam decided to make Ho Chi Minh their president. The United States could not return back home due to the threat of communism. The United States saw that Ho Chi Minh was a communist and could not see him taking control of the whole Vietnam. Allowing Ho Chi Minh to take control would result in other countries falling into communism. The domino theory was a theory that if one country fell into communism, that others would follow. So to prevent that The
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United States decided that Vietnam should have free-elections and to divide Vietnam into two sections; South Vietnam (American Control) and North Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh- Communism). They came to the conclusion of having a Geneva Accords two years later (1956) to see whether the people wanted to have a communist government leader by Ho Chi Minh or a capitalist country leaded by Ngo Dinh Diem put in power by Americans. Ho Chi Minh was a man who went through up and downs just to get independence. As a kid Ho Chi Minh went to France where his dreams was to ...

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