What Problems did Italian Governments face after WW1

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What Problems did Italian Governments face after WW1

The atrocity of World War 1 ended on 11th November 1918, and although Italy emerged victorious on the side of the ‘Triple Entente’, she faced terrible repercussions of a social, economic and political nature during the aftermath of the war. There was public dissatisfaction and outcry regarding the ‘mutilated victory’ of the Italians. Furthermore, the war had left Italy financially crippled, which led to great bouts of unemployment, homelessness, hunger and other related problems. These problems led to great resistance from mainly the working class against the Liberal Italian government, and moreover, provided the optimum conditions required for more extremist parties including the Fascist and Socialist parties to thrive in.

The Liberal Italian government already did not have much support from the people of Italy regarding her joining the war. However, the Italian government believed that Italy was behind the rest of the European countries when it came to power and foreign colonies. Also, many believed that Italy should once again become a powerful country as it had been many centuries previously. Moreover Italy feared that should the entente powers win they would not be sympathetic to Italian ambitions in the Mediterranean if Italy had not played a part to bring about the victory, thus in 1915, Italy signed the Treaty of London and entered the war. The Great War left Italian forces very weak and with many casualties. However in 1918 the war ended in the favour of the Entente. During the writing of the Paris peace Treaties, Italy had received little gains from what she had been promised in her secret ‘London Pact’ in 1915. Nonetheless, prime minister of Italy, Orlando agreed to its terms. These little gains made by Italy caused an outrage all over Italy especially amongst the Nationalists, who had hoped to make more imperialistic advances from the war. This public resentment regarding the war was the foundations of Italy’s many forthcoming difficulties.  

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The human cost of the war had been horrendous as 650,000 men had died and millions more had been seriously injured. In addition to this Italy had spent vast amounts of money to feed and arm her soldiers during the war and was in great financial debt to Britain and the USA. By 1919, Italy was in debt to other countries by over 85 billion lira. Of course in order to meet these financial demands, Italy had to print more banknotes at a rapid rate, this led to inflation occurring in Italy in 1919, although it was occurring at ...

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