What were the problems faced by Henry IV on His accession and how did he attempt to solve them?

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What were the problems faced by Henry IV on His accession and how did he attempt to solve them?

        In the late 16th Century, there was a lot of trouble and there would be for a few years in Europe. This was particularly apparent in France under the reign of Henry III. The way in which Henry came to power was unexpected and was amidst a whole load of controversy. Henry III was assassinated and he had no natural heir to the throne of France.  So on his deathbed he named Henry of Navarre to the throne, the problem was that he was a Protestant and he would have to convert before becoming the French King. This is only the beginning of the trouble and bothers that Henry of Navarre would have to deal with during his reign. The reason why Henry III gave the throne to Henry of Navarre was due to their friendship and the fact that they were allies in a war against the League and the man they named as the heir to the throne called Charles X. in a battle to win Paris back from this group Henry III was assassinated. Henry IV had to endure a number of problems during his reign and this essay will say what they were and how they were solved.

        Inn France there was a civil war; it was called the War of the Three Henry’s. In order for Henry to secure his realm he needed to secure a power base. The only was he was going to be able to do this was to win back Paris from the forces of Henry of Guise. This was a major problem, as Henry needed to bring peace; he also had a severe shortage in men compared to the vast army of Mayenne. Henry was able to defeat the 24,000 strong army of Mayenne with only 5000 men; he did this at the Battle of Arques.  He then went on to try and take over Paris but was unsuccessful. He was then able to return to Normandy and conquered another number of cities. There was another battle at the Battle of Ivry where the forces of Mayenne where supplemented by Philip II of Spain. Then as it looked as if Henry was going to finally take over the capital of Paris, the Duke of Parma came to the rescue and was able to join with the League to make the army 24,000 strong, again Henry IV was forced to leave.  Again, Henry realised that he needed to take another stronghold of the League to reinforce his power and so he focused on the League’s other stronghold of Rouen in Normandy. Unfortunately for Henry, Parma’s army again pushed Henry back. This was the end for the Henry and he had to think of a new game plan in order to capture Paris.

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        The second one of Henry’s problems was his religion at the moment he was a protestant and it was the reason why Henry was at war with Henry of Guise and Philip II of Spain. In order for Henry to be recognised as king of France then he would have to become a catholic. So, on 17 may 1593 the Archbishop of Bourges announced that Henry was to become Catholic. In July he went St. Denis to receive instruction from a group of Bishops, so on the 25 July he abjured his protestant faith.  So there were massive street ...

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