Why, Despite Setbacks, Was The Yorkist Campaign Against The Lancastrians Successful In The Years 1455-61?

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In the years 1455-61 the Yorkist campaign against the Lancastrians was successful because of the over mighty control of Margaret of Anjou and the dislike the nobles felt for their queen; Henry’s weakness at being a leader but also the strengths of the Yorkists and their leader Edward - who took over from York after his death. On balance the most important reason for the Yorkist win was the mistakes Margaret of Anjou made in dealing with York and his heir.

Margaret of Anjou, on the whole, is the main reason the Lancastrians lost their campaign against the Yorkists: her failures at dealing with York and his supporters but also her failures at utilising her victories. In 1459, after the ‘rout’ of Ludford, Margaret of Anjou created the Parliament of Devils, it was created to humiliate York and cement the Lancastrian reign. However the point of the parliament did not turn out how Margaret had intended and due to her mistake the York’s, instead of losing support, gained allies from nobles that disagreed with the events which unfolded in Coventry. Margaret had branded York, Warwick and Salisbury as traitors, sentenced them to death and their goods and lands were seized but lastly the queen had their heirs disinherited. This action of punishing innocent children turned many of the nobility against Margaret, who they already disliked due to her being French (the English had a lasting dislike for France because of the 100 year war). The Parliament of Devils is a main factor at the success of the Yorkist because it swayed some of the nobles onto their side and therefore turned them against the Lancastrians, leading to the events of the Yorkist victories. The Parliament of Devils is also another good examples of Margaret being unable to successfully utilising her wins. After the ‘rout’ of Ludford the King and his advisors should have simply punished the Yorkist leaders and not harmed their heirs but the queen was thought to have Henry wrapped around her every whim and her dislike for Warwick and York could have blinded her judgment. Margaret had so many mistakes that she led to the Lancastrians losing support therefore the battles were lost and Henry usurped.

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However, to blame this entirely on Margaret would be wrong, for the Lancastrians had one main disadvantage and that was their leader, Henry VI, he wasn’t a strategic military man he was an insane monarch who aloud his advisors to manipulate him. The capture of Henry was another blow to the Lancastrians, at the battle of Northumberland, the Yorkists won and captured Henry. York was able to force the mad King into signing the Act of Accord and making Richard and his heir the successor to the throne. The capture of the King showed the Yorkist’s strengths against the ...

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