Why did Britain win the Battle of Britain

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Why did Britain win the Battle of Britain?

During the summer of 1094, Hitler wanted to launch operation ‘Sealion’, the invasion of Britain, but to do so he would have to first defeat the British RAF. Eventually, he failed to overcome the RAF, there were many reasons for Hitler’s failure.

One reason why Hitler failed to defeat the British RAF was because of the difference in technology between the two sides. Britain had invested a lot of money in technology such as radars, bulletproof windscreens for fighter planes, and command and communication systems. Germany on the other hand did not, resulting in what would be a crucial error.

One piece of technology that was vital in the battle, was the use of radar. These radars could accurately estimate the size and speed of an approaching enemy aircraft. This meant that the British could prepare themselves, and not be caught on the ground where they were defenceless. Other pieces of technology included the command and communication systems, so that the troops were able to easily communicate and be organised. And bulletproof screens on fighter planes to reduce the damage inflicted by enemy weapons.

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Weapons also played a part in why Hitler failed to defeat the RAF. There was a significant difference between the weaponry/planes of the German and British. Although the Germans had a lot of aircraft, it was the wrong type of aircraft. For example, their Stuka Dive Bomber was not able to gain them the needed air superiority over the British. Also, the Luftwaffe bombers were too small, and were not able to inflict as much damage as they needed to. The British however, had very effective and superior fighter planes. These included the Spitfire and the Hurricane, two planes that ...

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