Why did Germany lose the First World War

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Why did Germany lose the First World War?

On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month in 1918 the First World War officially ended. The Germans had agreed to a peace treaty which was put forward by the Allies (France, Great Britain and the USA) to have a ceasefire.

When Germany signed the treaty they were on the point of collapse, their troops were starving due to a British naval blockade, people in Germany were rebellious and the Americans had arrived with lots of fresh troops to boost the Allies morale.

There are several reasons why Germany lost the war. Some of these are more important than others (because they had more effect in defeating Germany.) In this essay I will explain some of the  points that I think are the most important.

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I think the most important reason why Germany lost the war is because the British Navy created a naval blockade. Their aim was to stop Germany using neutral Scandinavian and Dutch ports to break the blockade. To do this Britain had to stop and search any boat they suspected to be trading with the Germans. They confiscated any goods thought to be for use of the enemy. They successfully managed to prevent food supplies, fertiliser and fuel reaching Germany.

The consequences of this blockade proved to be devastatingly effective against the Germans. The shortages of food and ...

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