Why did Henry Tudor Marry Elizabeth of York?

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Why did Henry Tudor marry Elizabeth of York?

On the 18th January 1486, Henry Tudor married Elizabeth of York after his public promise to do so on Christmas day 1483. He did this not only to secure his dynasty with offspring but also to consolidate his power by unity of Yorkists and Lancastrians  as well as minimising what could have become a major threat to the throne.

        It was important for Henry Tudor to marry Elizabeth of York quickly after his reign in order to secure his dynasty as soon as possible. By creating an heir which he did so on 20th September 1486 (Arthur Tudor), Henry was able to strengthen his position in ensuring a solid Lancastrian heir to the throne should he die. This would also have made him a less vulnerable target for Yorkist attack as it would now have been harder for any Yorkist claimants to the throne to get a look in- they now wouldn't just have to kill Henry Tudor, but also Elizabeth of York and Arthur Tudor. This marriage to Elizabeth of York also ensured that Henry had a back up heir to the throne should his first son Arthur Tudor die (Henry VIII).  Futhermore, Henry was able to produce daughters with Elizabeth of York such as Mary Tudor and Elizabeth Tudor who he could use as political pawns for marriage treaties ect which would also have increased Henry's power.

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        Although there was more to Henry Tudors marriage to Elizabeth of York other than just producing offspring- for he could have done this with any wife. One of the most important reasons for his marriage was in order to placate the Yorkists. His promise to marry Elizabeth of York before the battle of Bosworth was one of the main ways in which Henry Tudor was able to get support from Yorkists and he had to follow through with this promise in order to maintain this support otherwise this could have led to major rebellion. Tudor's marriage ...

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