Why did the liberal government introduce social reforms 1906-1914?

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Why did the liberal government

introduce social reforms 1906-1914?

There are multiple reasons why the Liberal government introduced acts of social reform between 1906 and 1914. The obvious reason is that there was a great need for reform(change) but there are also many other factors that played a part in the decision for a reform. This change was really required to help and improve Britain. The reason for this need for change was the poor conditions that all parts of Britain had been left in after the conservatives had been in power.

It is often said that the Liberals had to introduce in social reforms due to pressure from the Labour party. This new party was formed in 1903 and had very little major union connections even though there policies were committed to reform Britain. This idea is very realistic as three reforms were influenced by the Labour party. Both parties main aim was to eliminate the poor and introduced benefits for the unemployed, elderly and ill. By introducing just some social reform the Liberals believed it would stave off threats from the Labour party and hopefully lessen the demand for more.
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There were two key event that brought the Liberals into reality and made them realize what poor health Britain's population was facing and the actual need for reform. The first reason was that of the Boer War. There was many difficulties experienced in trying to defeat the Boer's (south Africa). The reason the war was so poorly fought was because recruitment for the war, especially in cities such as London showed that many potential troops had to be turned away as they were physically too unfit to serve in the armed forces. Up to 50% of people had ...

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