Why did the Nazis treatment of the Jews change between 1939-1945?

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Why did the Nazis treatment of the Jews change between 1939-1945?

In 1933 Adolf Hitler was elected Chancellor of Germany, what followed in the following years was an enormous hate campaign against the Jews, to rid the Jews in Germany. Because of the sheer number of Jews in Germany, the Nazis needed a new answer to the Jewish question.

By 1939 a large part of the Jews were emigrating abroad due to Hitler’s anti-semantic views and the mass of propaganda that turned the German people against them. The majority of Jews immigrated to fellow European countries such as France, Holland, and Britain. Palestine, then under British control was promised to become the new Jewish homeland. However the Arab population was angry that foreigners could take their land. Britain had vital supplies of oil there which was vital to the war they limited the number of Jews allowed in. One of the famous stories was of St. Louis. St. Louis was a ship full of Jewish emigrants from Germany; they were destined to go to Cuba but where denied entry. They continued on to several countries where they were all rejected, they eventually returned back to Germany. Most passengers on the St. Louis did not survive.

In 1939 Germany had invaded Poland capturing more than 3 million Jews. The Nazis needed a new solution as the sheer number of Jews could not be controlled easily, there they thought of the Ghetto. Ghettos were small parts of cities where Jewish people were rounded up too. All Jews were destined to live in the Ghettoes, because of the sheer number of Jews in one small area would make it easier to control the Jewish people, but with this came horrendous living conditions where several families lived in one room. Rations were little, with only a mere 184 calories a day. The Jewish suffered health problems because of poor hygiene. Diseases spread quickly, and dead were offered left on the streets because of lack of space inside. Seeing how many Jews they had under control the Nazis decided to use this for an advantage for the war. Able Jews were made to help the Economy, by building several products.

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1941, Germany invades USSR. Germany was rapidly expanding its domination in Europe with more and more Jews being captured every day. When the Germans invaded USSR they took control of Jews, Gypsies and captured Communists. At this time they did not need any more help with the Economy. More and more Jews were sent to Ghettos and various work camps however the Nazis were finding it hard to cope with the massive number of Jews. In the end the SS decided to exterminate the Jewish race. 1st mass shooting were used to kill various groups. The SS would bring the ...

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