Why Mussolini was appointed Prime Minister in 1922?

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Why Mussolini was appointed Prime Minister in 1922?

Mussolini’s appointment as Prime Minister was a combination of long, medium and short-term factors. The exaggerated ‘March on Rome’ was arguably the sufficient factor in Mussolini’s appointment. However prior to that, other events had contributed Mussolini’s cause. One of them was the effect of World War one.

The impact of World War One was a medium factor. Many disillusioned soldiers joined the fascist party. These soldiers felt betrayed by the government’s failure to gain what it was promised. Considering the common hatred for the socialists and a lack of viable alternatives, the soldiers felt that Mussolini was the only choice if they were to restore Italy as a great nation.

The Liberal government were more concerned by the threats posed by Socialism and their mistrust in the Popolari. Giolitti’s injudicious decision to invite the fascists into a coalition government proved to be fatal. Mussolini got in through the backdoor and his route to power was now an easier one.

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The increasing fear of Socialism was also a factor. Many were concerned by the rise of the Socialists who had won 106 seats in the 1919 elections and posed the greatest threat to the Liberals. Those who concerned only had to look at the Soviet Revolution in 1917 to see the effects of a possible revolution. Luckily for Mussolini the Socialists lacked the cohesion needed to maintain or even better their impact in Italy. Their efforts instead only lost the support of the farmers who were incensed by their activities in the countryside. Conservatives who feared their own position also ...

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