Why Was Britain Able To Win The Battle Of Britain?

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Why Was Britain Able To Win The Battle Of Britain?

There are many reasons that contribute to the victory for the British in the Battle Of Britain. The BEF miraculously escaped the beaches of Dunkirk when they were surrounded within in a pocket at the beaches of Dunkirk. The ignorance of Herman Goering the commander of the Luftwaffe, who assured Hitler that he could eliminate the BEF a not let a single man escape the beaches of Dunkirk without the help of the army was one of the main reasons for this. If this had occurred then Britain would have been without an army and would probably have had to surrender.

        Now that the troops had been brought home to England people began preparing for an invasion. Hitler knew that he could not invade Britain whilst it had such an efficient air force and navy. Hitler needed to take control of the skies before he could launch his attack, then the German navy would be able to send over troops without being obliterated. Britain had the major advantages when it came to the battle of the skies above England. The first and most important was radar. Radar enabled us to monitor the German aircraft from the moment that they took off from their airfields in France and gave the R.A.F details on the number and size of the planes and the direction, speed and altitude at which they were heading.

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The R.A.F fighters did not have to take off until the German bombers and Luftwaffe were nearing the coast on England. This helped the R.A.F considerably because unlike the German planes which had to fly from France, across the channel and into England; the British Planes could save the fuel allowing them a much extended time over Britain than the German’s had. A German bomber had a maximum time of 10 minuets over London before he had to return to France. If a British plane did, run out of fuel it could land, re-fuel and take off again and re-join ...

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