1601 Elizabethan Poor Law.

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1601 Elizabethan Poor Law:

     It all started when the English defeated both the French and the Spanish armies in battle. This left the soldiers without a job as they returned home from the war. As the soldiers arrived home they found it harder and harder to survive and began to steal food, money and clothing. Poor people used to go to the monasteries for help but Henry VIII destroyed these back in the Tudor times. To solve this problem Parishes were built and people paid taxes to pay for the parishes. There were people who collected the taxes from the townspeople and these were called Overseer’s.

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England in the 1790’s:

     There was a population explosion in the 1700’s. In 1790’s Industrial revolution took place and this meant that people were leaving the agricultural trade and pursuing something exciting with better prospects. The cities of England were becoming overcrowded by all of the ‘newcomers’. Many of the people that had made the big trip to the city had failed in their attempt to become rich. This left people poor with no- where to go. No one had thought about doing anything about the poverty in the cities. Cities eventually overflowed with poor people and ...

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