A report on the impact of ICT

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Alex Davies        August 2010        Task 8

A report on the impact of the availability of electronic information.


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Effects of Availability of Electronic Information on ...

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Since ICT had been introduced life has become much easier for a lot of people. ICT has rapidly evolved since it was discovered. There is new ICT Systems being invented every year, and the old ICT Systems are updated. Things that were done by human are taken out of the market. ICT Systems are used all over the world for different purposes. In some parts of the world there are people that do not have access to ICT.

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What electronic information do I access and what impact has this had on my life

Personally the internet plays a huge part in my life and I use it frequently everyday where ever I am. When at home I will be on my laptop where I can talk to my friends through social networking site like Facebook. I also shop for cloths DVDs and anything that I might need to get for birthdays of Christmas presents. The internet also provides me with very useful resources for school work and when it comes to exams I personally use YouTube to revise ...

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