Administrative systems - The place where I worked for 'work experience' was in Tesco plc in Covent Garden.

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Administrative systems

The place where I worked for ‘work experience’ was in Tesco plc in Covent Garden.

It was a two weeks ‘work experience’ in Tesco. One week I worked on the shop floor and the second one I worked in the office. It was an enjoyable work experience and I’ve learned a lot during two weeks.

Tesco is one of the best-known names in the High Street. It is a large public limited company (plc) with approximately 165 000 share holders. By 1995, Tesco had become the largest food retailer in the UK, overtaking Sainsbury’s. The company operates 800 stores throughout Europe.

What is meant by the term ‘administrative systems’?

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Administrative: relating to the arrangements and work, which is needed to control the operation of a plan or organization.

System: a way of doing things.

‘Administration system’ is a procedure/process to help the business run smoothly.

Why are administrative systems important to a business in general?

It is important for a business to have ‘administrative systems’ in place to:

  • Save money
  • Help the business run smoothly
  • Make it easy for supervisors to manage their staff.
  • Save resources
  • Save time

The main systems at my work placement are:

  • Answering the telephone. Answering the telephone wasn’t ...

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The report could include a digital photo of the store, which the student has worked in. This would allow the report to allow the examiner to visualize the writing. The report states the term 'PLC' and mentions the number of shareholders the business has. However the report doesn't explain what an PLC is. The report could state 'An PLC is a Public Limited Company, which allows anyone or any business to purchase shares within the company. Thus, the company has 165,000 owners at this present stage.'. The above paragraph would be more effective than what is currently written.

The report lists a number of bullet points of why it's important to have administrative systems within companies. This isn't explained, and this section could be improved. For high marks the report could include the reason to why each of these bullet points apply due to the use of technology. For example, the report could state 'The business will be able to save a large amount of money, due to the ability to cut jobs which would be unnecessary and increase the efficiency within the business'. The above would show the examiner that the student understands why the bullet point is a benefit towards the business.

In summary, the student has explained quite briefly their experience. However there haven't given much thought on how technology is used within the business, and how this impacts on Tesco itself or their employees. The description of the three terms is quite good, as this is accurate and detailed. The section 'main systems within the work placement' described what was in Tesco. However at this level, for high marks this should mention a number of solutions to any potential issues. For example 'Tesco did have a number of telephones, however when Tesco was busy there was a lack of focus on the telephones and this routinely didn't get answered. I would advised Tesco to ensure that all employees are aware of the telephones and answer these when there are available. If this isn't possible, Tesco may need to hire additional employees to provide the customer service required'.