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An expert system is a computer application that solves complicated problems that would otherwise require extensive human expertise. To do so, it simulates the human reasoning process

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QUESTION Using a named man-machine system of your choice describe five important operational characteristics that would serve as a checklist for the designer of the system. Each characteristic must be considered in terms of degree of importance for the system under scrutiny. ANSWER EXPERT SYSTEM An expert system is a computer application that solves complicated problems that would otherwise require extensive human expertise. To do so, it simulates the human reasoning process by applying specific knowledge and interfaces. This report explained on the expert system for decision making of giving the best solution to solve the PDA's (Personal Digital Assistant) problems. It represents the latest evolution of the top-down artificial intelligence thinking in which the computer is used to assist or even replace human decision makers. Expert systems have a very wide potential application to many areas of human endeavor in which expertise is important. ...read more.


Not only must such a system be able to store the available knowledge, but it must also support mechanisms to expand and improve the knowledge base on a continuing basis. Every specialized field is always in a state of flux, with something new being discovered all the time. In order to keep the expert system up-to-date, it is necessary to leave the knowledge base open-ended so that new pieces of information can be added at any time, without need for significant changes in the structure of the system. d) An expert system must have the capability to make logical inferences based on the knowledge stored. This is where the simple reasoning mechanisms used in expert systems come into play. This is what makes an expert system tick. ...read more.


So, the constraints set by existing technology make it necessary to build expert systems that cater to relatively narrow domains. f) The applications best suited for expert systems are those dealing with expert heuristics for solving problems. Any field in which problems can be solved using purely numerical techniques, within reasonable periods of time, is not a suitable choice for the domain of an expert system. Building an expert system for such a field cannot be justified as there would be no advantage in doing so. g) Expert systems have become increasingly popular because of their specialization, albeit in a narrow field. The small size of the domain makes encoding and storing the domain-specific knowledge an economic process. Also, as specialists in many areas are scarce, and the cost of consulting them is high, an expert system catering to any of those areas can be considered to be a useful and cost-effective alternative, in the long run. ...read more.

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