An Explanation Of The Impact Of The Availbility Of Electronic Information On Individuals And Society

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An explanation of the impact of the availability of electronic information on individuals and society

I am going to compile a report; I will discuss to you the impact and availability of electronic information on individuals and society today. Firstly I will look at the impact it has on me and my family. ICT has a big impact in the everyday life of me and family and I will explain this in detail below.    

Myself and my family:  

Myself and my family use ICT every day, my parents would use it to it to type up assignments, check emails, contact friends and family members from different countries. Without the surge in ICT we would never be able to do any of these tasks. If we didn’t have ICT we would have to write out a letter and post it off through air mail and the recipient mightn’t get it for another few days, whereas an email, once sent, the person can receive it within a few seconds. I use it a lot more because of schoolwork, for word processing assignments and finding and printing out research. Without ICT, handing in work, would take a lot longer if we didn’t have the electronics we have today. I will explain below how ICT is available for us all.  

Communicating to friends and different countries – Using the internet and an increase in mobile phones contacting people from other parts of the world has never been easier. Through social networking sites like ,  and  I can easily make fast contact with friends and arrange plans for the weekend, find out information like homework or coursework etc, and email websites like ,  and . From a few clicks of a mouse my parents and I can instantly, send and receive emails. By emailing it saves a lot of time there is no running to the post office, and best of all it’s entirely all free of charge.

Online Banking – Me and my family all have credit cards; from these we can receive money from a cash machine (ATM) and use this to pay for goods and service, all have an online function where you can check your balance, latest transactions,  pay for bills, transfer funds, etc. The impact of credit cards means that we don’t have to be in procession of cash all the time, this is a good security measure.

Schoolwork – The internet provides a research machine for all different types of information. Major search engines like Google () Ask () and WebCrawler (), provides quick relevant research in the topic you are requiring to know information about. Many of these search engines provide an advanced search feature also; It’s a big help for coursework and assignments, research can be found with a few clicks of a mouse. Also through our school portal I can access the files on my school computer from home. If I don’t have or forget, my USB pen, I can use the file access function to get my work and complete it at home.

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Word Processing – Both myself and my parents have to use a word processor a lot of the time.  For myself I use Microsoft Word a lot because of school, and studying double award applied ICT, all my work is based on computers, whether it’s typing out assignments or typing up notes etc. My parents would also get a lot of use out of word processing programmes, more so my mother, she had to type up all her assignments for her Counselling course at Queen’s. It saves a lot of time compared to writing up work, its faster, neater, includes ...

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