Analysis of a Virtual Reality system to train surgeons.

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The concern in the article is the reliability of the VR system that will be set up at Medical University of Mokopane The reason this is a concern is that if any minute detail regarding the human anatomy is left out or if the controls are sluggish, this may affect the students as it may affect their learning and may give them a false confidence. As example it was stated in the article that these simulations will use hand controls, these hand controls may not have the perfect ergonomic or may have input delay which can affect the student.


One primary stakeholder is the student who wish to become a sturgeon at Medical University of Mokopane. The student will use hand controls to control the movement while audio instruction will be given so that the trainee surgeon can get a hint. The virtual surgery performed by them are going to be recorded and analyse by the trainee or a senior surgeon so that they can give feedback.


-The trainee must wear the headset

-Then, he must log in using the students id

-Choose the type of surgery he/she want to perform

-Calibrate the device by following the instruction on screen

-Screen capture must be done before any surgery was performed

-Then, follow the audio instruction to start the training

-To perform surgery, move the hand and grip the instrument needed in the simulation. Your view can be move 360 degree to expand the view if necessary

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-After the surgery is done, save the recording. The recording may be upload to the university server or the cloud.

-The video then will be downloaded and analyse by senior surgeons and fellow trainees to provide feedback of your operation


Reliability of the IT system will be concern if the details of the graphic are low. This is because student will miss the minute detail of human body if some of the details are not available. Besides, low graphic means that the output will be more pixelated, which may cause nausea especially in VR. Besides that, ...

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