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Analysis of a Virtual Reality system to train surgeons.

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1a) The concern in the article is the reliability of the VR system that will be set up at Medical University of Mokopane The reason this is a concern is that if any minute detail regarding the human anatomy is left out or if the controls are sluggish, this may affect the students as it may affect their learning and may give them a false confidence. As example it was stated in the article that these simulations will use hand controls, these hand controls may not have the perfect ergonomic or may have input delay which can affect the student. 1b) One primary stakeholder is the student who wish to become a sturgeon at Medical University of Mokopane. The student will use hand controls to control the movement while audio instruction will be given so that the trainee surgeon can get a hint. The virtual surgery performed by them are going to be recorded and analyse by the trainee or a senior surgeon so that they can give feedback. 2a) -The trainee must wear the headset -Then, he must log in using the students id -Choose the type of surgery he/she want to perform -Calibrate the device by following the instruction on ...read more.


Having a delay of hundreds milisecond when inputting a hand movement command may turn off the student and frustated them. This may prevent the student from doing the surgery with efficiency as surgeon are doctors who need to react quickly.This may be the biggest drawback of the system to them. Besides, students will also treated this simulation like a game. This will make them feels like this thing is not that important and will treated it lightly, giving them a false sense of security. This is a big problem when they are told to perform surgery on a live person as they may make fatal mistake which will cost the patient life. A positive impact for the senior doctor is that they can review the video countless time to observe more carefully with minute detail on the surgery perform. As a result, the senior doctor can help to improvise the students technique and showcase the wrongdoing by replaying back the video. Besides that, being able to download the video help the senior doctor to review the video anywhere and anytime. This help to cater to the senior?s doctor busy work schedule and help them be relief from tight work schedule. ...read more.


This will enhance the user experience while being easy to implement. By having a better hardware for the network part of a system, this may attract the attention of trainee student as the frustrating feeling of delay and slow reaction time are eliminated. On the other hand, such implementation of networking hardware may increase the cost of the system as more advance and modern network card and ethernet require more money to buy. University usually has a lot of other things to pay such as the bill, the scholar ship and other more important equipment. University with low finance which is usually at third world countries such as Africa may experience problem in buying this vr equipment with the higher cost. In conclusion, this solution may indeed help to alleviate the reliability issues arising from the system. Its positives outweigh its negatives as the money spent on a better networking hardware will help to produce more surgeon which are in dire need in South Africa and may allow the system to be more widely implemented. As such, the solution is effective and viable, although it does demand additional cost which is justified by the achievement of the intended purpose of the system while ensuring the reliability of the system. ...read more.

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