Applied ICT - How Comet Stores could use ICT and a CCTV system.

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2.        Aims & objectives        

4.How does ICT HELP the Comet organisation to achieve their aims and objectives?        

8.The Samsung High Resolution CCTV Camera 600TVL Varifocal        


1. Introduction

I am going to be writing a report for my client. Miss baker the manger of Comet Company, and I will be presenting the use of ICT organization.

I was told by Miss baker to create a report for her company because Miss baker has decided to have a second manager who would be a lower level then her so he would be in charge for future changes when she is not in the company, and she wants a report to check whether there been any changes into the ICT organization and if there any other changes that’s needs to be done, Miss baker wants new accessorise for the particular organization and therefore she will benefit from this report.

This report will cover the needs of the Organisation. If I’m going to describe the use of ICT within their organisation. I will also cover information in the report which will represent my client in fully detail and it’s about how my organisations use ICT and specifically the pass system, I will have to make the report as detailed as possible for the manager.

  • I will be describing the background of the company
  • Description of the ICT within the organisation
  • Fully describing of the security system which is CCTV
  • What is the needs of the company
  • What kind of functional areas has the company and how many and what is the use of them
  • What kind of changes will the company do
  • The Data handling system

Organisation Background 

Comet companies is profit organization, it is one of the biggest and most famous stores in the United Kingdom.

Employee job descriptions are written on statements that describes the duties of each employer, responsibilities, requires qualifications, and reporting different relationships of a particular job. Employee job descriptions are based on objective information take through their work, a fully understanding of the skills and physical required to complete needed tasks, and the needs of the organization to produce work.

how and why your group was set up

the reason why this organisation was set up because miss baker always wanted to be in a job and at this stage of job where you have control over something and making sure it will go along good and no problems, it was set up with couple of people who were friends with Miss baker and they had a lot of knowledge of how doing their job at their place as in this job.

Before they started this organisation they made a plan and started to request employers to job them for the new organisation before they opened it and they requested people with some qualifications and at the start Miss baker had to investigate a lot of her money   and she took a loan to be able buy the products for this organisation so it will be running smooth and clear.

what geographical area it covers

Comet has around 20 areas. It includes a large room which is a stock room with the strongest security and in that room they store all the electricity stuff, there is a large lunch kitchen where the employers can go to in lunch time. All the rooms are has different places because each room would have different stuff and there is each office for the employers. Most Areas that they have they use them to stock their electricity stuff example like the Laptops they have them in a room where you will have to use your fingerprints to be able get through the door and when you go in there you will hundreds and hundreds of different types of laptops in their package box and when you go in there you will see those laptops are behind a window where you can’t touch the laptop because they have used different type of security systems , CCTV is a security system which records everything that happening in the store and in each large AREA you will be able to see more then 4 CCTV camera’s or more on the top of the area and there is a guy who sits in the security room where he will have around a 4 screen’s split in one TV and when you go into that security room you will only be able to see the TV’s front of you and there is usually 2 people who sits there and watch the TV’s. The largest area in the company is the main one which represents the electricity stuff they have in the company and this area contain around 750-1500 electricity  stuff from different types, in row there was around 49 laptops people are allowed to touch them and check if they are interested in it . before like 10 years ago they didn’t have this huge big company as now because of the economy and they didn’t use to have the same manager and before they didn’t have regular customers with advanced budget and the electricity stuff they have now is like 10x what they used to have back in time.

They have a parking area which is 200 meter long and 200 wide for the customers to park and they have a private parking area behind the Building which is only for the employers and the manager.

Join now!

Comet has one manager and Miss Baker is manager of the company and she decided to get a second manager because she is sometimes busy with other stuff so she is trying to get a second manager who will be below her level of Manager in a bit so he or she will be able to be in charge while she is not there.

 Employer’s staff can be from different nationalities and most staff is British and is from the United Kingdom due to being a British curriculum company. The employs staff each one of them have their own work ...

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