Applied ICT in business scenario answers

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Scenario 1

Questions 1 and 2

The North India Motor Company is a manufacturer of cars and vans. It has a modern factory and a computerised production line in New Delhi. Robot arms are used in the manufacture of each car.

The company is planning to introduce a new sports car and wishes to advertise this car. It is trying to decide between advertising on its own website and advertising on somebody else’s website using pop-ups.

  1. (a) Describe four end effectors, other than a drill, in terms of the tasks each would perform assembling the cars.

- Sensors or cameras to check work of robots.

- Robots arm to grip parts from one part of the car or van to another one or to other part of the factory.

- Sprays to paint the body of the car once finished.

- Polishers to give a nice look to the car once painted.        (4)

(b) Describe how a robot arm would be programmed to drill holes in the car body.

The robot would be programmed through a computer which stores a series of movements. This is saved in the computer’s memory in order to repeat it trough a remote control and could approach a production line.        (4)

(c) Discuss the advantages and disadvantages to the car company of using robot arms rather than humans.

Advantages: fewer errors than humans. Lower costs since less wages are paid. The robots do not get tired, can work 24 hours all days. Best productivity

Disadvantages: Cost of machines. Cost to train workers to use machinery.        (6)

  1. (a) There are three types of advertising; business, product and service advertising. Name and describe the type of advertising that is used to promote sales of a sports car.

Product advertising since the company wants to promote a model of car in particular, it is an specific product. They are not advertising the whole company by itself.        (3)

(b) Text can be entered into a website using a keyboard. Describe how other input devices can be used to enter information for inclusion in a website.

A microphone could be used to input voice, as well as a scanner to input images or text documents. Also a plotter could be useful to input new designs. A digital camera to take photos and upload those        (4)

(c) Describe pop-ups, their drawbacks to the company and how these drawbacks can be overcome.

Pop-ups are little windows appearing in the computer of people when they suddenly enter to a website. The drawbacks of these are that many people don’t look at them and just close them or they even have a program to block them so that they do not bother them. To overcome this, the company could use pop-unders, which are the same but do not appear until the person closes the window. This can be better because don’t bother people who are in a hurry in the moment they enter a page. When they close the window they may have a bit more of attention to the pop-under.        (6)

Scenario 2

Questions 3 and 4

Some teachers at the Nairobi International School use computers to store records of their students including examination results. The Headteacher Peter Onyango has decided that all teachers will use computers to keep their assessment records and that this information will be stored centrally.

In order to introduce this new system Peter has asked Mary, a systems analyst, to analyse the existing paper based system that a number of teachers are still using.

Each student has a unique ten digit student number.

After the analysis phase Mary will design the new system. Part of this process will be the design of validation checks. Mary will use presence checks and existency checks on the student number and presence checks on the examination scores, which are marks out of 100. In addition, Mary will need to decide on other validation checks.

  1. Explain how the teachers would make use of spreadsheets to record and use student data.

Teachers would be able to save exam marks from each student and absences to class. They could use separate sheets in order to have each class separate from each other. Though some formulas, they would easily calculate percentages or averages of students. All this data can be manipulated and compared easily. Reports would be created in only some clicks.        (6)

  1. (a) Describe two methods that Mary could use to record the information about the current system.        (6)

(b) Discuss the suitability of the additional validation checks that Mary could use on the student number and the examination scores.        (8)

(c) After the system has been developed, the entry of examination results will be tested. Describe a suitable test plan with appropriate test data.

Enter test data, with a normal and extreme data to verify the correct functioning of the system. Abnormal data test should be rejected and normal data should be accepted.        (5)

Scenario 3

Question 5

Jaypeg is a graphics company whose workload varies from week to week. It employs a number of permanent staff and as the amount of work increases additional staff have to be employed on a temporary basis. The permanent staff are paid monthly but the temporary staff are paid weekly according to the number of hours worked.

The company is to introduce a computerised payroll system which will consist of a separate system for the permanent workers and one for the temporary workers.

The payroll department is the only department to be given a new computer system. Cost is important and the company do not wish to pay more than they have to for the new system.

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  1. (a) Describe the information that will need to be stored about the temporary workers on the

(i) master file

Name, date of birth, day he entered the company, money paid and job title.        (3)

(ii) transaction file(1)

(b) Using examples, describe the contents of the financial reports that will be produced when creating payslips.

Information about each employee of the company, information of each department, information about salaries of each employee, total salaries of all employees, an end summary of the total earnings and deductions of each department.        (5)

(c) Compare and contrast the methods Jaypeg could use to implement ...

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