Assess how issues related to the use of information affect an organisation

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Assess how issues related to the use of information affect an organisation

Security of information

Users expect IT to keep all the information safe which means safe from unauthorised access, alteration or destruction. Managers will be responsible to specify who can look at and update information. The bank must have the highest possible security for a system because of the amount of money the organisation holds. The system must be safe so nobody gains unauthorised access, manipulate or transfer data because. All staff should be allowed to alter and add information.  

The bank has to have the best possible security for a system because there’s a lot of money. There system has to be very secure to stop unauthorised access, stealing or transfer of data as peoples personal details are stores that have large sums of money in their accounts.


It’s important to keep backups of information in case it gets damaged or deleted. Backup that a company may complete might be a full backup of all information or a partial backup of just the information that has changed since the last full backup.

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A bank must back up files every week in case of a disaster. This is because millions of people around the world will rely on the bank for the access of their money. The backup file should be away from the original system so if there is a disaster both do not get destroyed.

Health and safety

There are health and safety issues regarding information systems. The screens, monitors and the way they are positioned all have strict regulations. Keyboards, mice, chairs and the desk must be positioned in a suitable and comfortable position for employees. It ...

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