Business Communications

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Business Portfolio                October 03

Part C. Business communication

Mr Laidlaw

Business Communications

Rapid advances in information technology have led to many new forms of communication. The most important of which has been the continual growth in the development of the personal computer, both in business and at home.

Along with the dramatic increase in the use of PC’s has come the internet which allows almost instant contact between businesses world wide, fax machines which enable text documents to be sent from one business to another, mobile phones and lap top computers which allow work to be carried out from almost any location. PC’s can also be linked within companies (intranet) this means that all users can have access to relevant information at the same time.

In addition to all of the above new technologies there are the more traditional forms of communication, which still have their place in today’s business. Communication such as Face to Face, in writing via letters, memos etc. The advantages of these more traditional methods of communication are that they offer the personal touch to the customer.

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It is important that all functional areas with in a business communicate with each other. For example take a section of the NHS, The Paediatric Wing of the L& D Hospital. This includes four wards, which operate 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The employment structure is as follows: (see spider gram on following page).

All of the departments must communicate amongst themselves and with each other in order that the paediatric wing runs efficiently and that patients receive the best possible care. We all rely on Doctors and consultants to make accurate diagnosis. The Dr’s ...

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