Business communications

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Business communications

There are many methods of communications available to businesses today, I am going to look at different types of technology and how they allow CDASU (Cyprus Defence Animal Support Unit) Veterinary Practice to communicate between staff and patients/customers.

Section-1 Fax machine

1.1 Technology

A fax machine is a highly specialised package consisting of a scanner, a modem, and a computer printer.

Fax is a telecommunications technology that allows companies to send copies of documents using affordable devices over the telephone network.

The scanner converts the content printed on a physical document into a digital image, the modem then sends the image data over a phone line to another device, and the printer at the far end produces a copy of the transmitted document.

The advantages of using fax machines are that they are much safer, a fax machine will not allow sensitive material to be sent over the Internet without it being encrypted this is done with the help of mandates.

The disadvantages of using fax machines are that, the technology is facing Competition from more web based systems.

1.2 Method of communication

The Fax machine in the veterinary practice is used for receiving the results of the blood test. Although the fax has some risk of safety issues it is much quicker and safer than using the post and the blood test results could play a major role in getting a pet passport or even in finding out an illness in an animal.

The fax machine is could also be used to communicate with suppliers and could be used to contact and send faxes to staff.

Section-2 PDA

2.1 Technology

A Personal Digital Assistant is an electronic device, a handheld computer, a mobile phone, a music player, it has the Internet, used to send and receive emails, word processing, it can be used as an address book, it can be used to create and edit spreadsheets, playing games, a GPS, many of the PDA's use touch screen technology to be operated for ease.

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The advantages of PDA's are that they are very small and can easily slip into your pocket or purse it easy to carry around and less space consuming, meaning it can be taken anywhere and you can be contacted at any time via email or phone call.

PDA's also look quite attractive in fashion senses.

The disadvantages to PDA's are that they are becoming less popular as there are more smart phones becoming available; the smart phone is currently outselling PDA's by thousands.

The prices of Laptops are also lowering, although there is a considerable difference in size ...

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