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Business Systems

Adapting sales and marketing strategies (global opportunities, sales management);

Having an efficient and productive marketing plan is essential to all businesses. In sales and marketing they make new products for selling and they make sure that they keep hold on the existing customers. If the product is selling very well then the business can go worldwide with that particular product instead of just selling it locally. This will give the business a significant advantage and the market share will increase rapidly as well. It is crucial that a business have a good customer relationship management (CRM). Target e-mails can be sent to existing customers about the new products so that they can sell quicker. It is very hard to target non-existing customers with the new products due to the fact that they will not know anything about the business or its services.

This is one of the main thing as to why businesses try to keep hold of their existing customers. The only drawback for this is the fact that it will cost more money for all the e-commerce. Below are some examples how a business can adapt sales and marketing strategy:

  • Product testing (get feedback from new or existing customers in order to improve products and eventually increase the sales)
  • Record data in Excel or Databases  
  • Customer relationship management – (target emails, categorized customers )
  • Newsletters and adverts (efficient way to advertise a product)


 Adapting new purchasing opportunities e.g. EDI and automated ordering:

 Adapting new purchasing opportunities e.g. EDI and automated ordering can help a business in many ways. For instance, if the shelves need restocking the system will sort that out automatically due to the fact that when a particular product goes down to a limited number, and then the system will automatically order that particular product by using EDI (Electronic Data Interchange).  E-commerce is another purchasing way that the businesses use. -This is basically where customers can buy the products online. E-commerce is not just about selling to customers. It is an efficient transactions system between businesses as well.

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EDI transactions between companies flow faster and more reliably than paper documents. Faster transactions support reduction in inventory levels, better use of warehouse space, fewer out-of-stock occurrences and lower freight costs through fewer emergency expedites.

Using new technology in customer support:

There are three key advances in IT usage to facilitate and streamline customer support function:-

  • Smart online help pages
  • Automated voice recognition
  • Semi-automated and supported customer service

In today's competitive marketplace, businesses are looking for ways to more effectively improve the bottom line and keep pace with market demands. To achieve these objectives and remain competitive, ...

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