Communication and Employability Skills for IT

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        Jody Mc Laughlin

BTEC National – ICT Practitioners

Unit 1

Communication and Employability Skills for IT

Assignment title: Developing skills that employers Need

In this task I am going to research what attributes different employers may require to get a job after I complete my studies. My main focus is to explain in this task the skills and attributes different employer’s value, I will therefore then describe the development needs of a person and how these needs can then be met.

As the job market is a lot more competitive nowadays this makes getting a job increasingly difficult, and so showing an employer that you are fit for the job is a vital factor. Employers mainly search for the appropriate technical skills but also as well as general personal attributes.

There are 17 different attributes an employer will be looking for, these are as follow;

1. Technical Knowledge

For many jobs the skills that are associated to performing a job are most important. For example if an employer owned a catering business and required a chef, the employer would check that the employee has all the required qualifications and skills to perform the job. If the employee did not have the essential skills and qualifications, then the employer is least likely to employ the person.

As a sales representative they may be required to own their own mode of transport. Some employers may provide them with their own company car but it is in greater demand that the employee would have their own means of transport. This would be important to an employer as it means the business will not have to pay great sums of money to buy transport for their employee’s. This would encourage the employer to therefore employ a person who has both the qualifications and properties best suited to match the job.

Another example for employers looking for technical knowledge may be airline employers. It is important for cabin crew to be able to communicate effectively with other members of staff and most importantly passengers on the airline. So this means there would be a large demand for people with excess language skills. By showing these skills to an employer this will increase the chances of obtaining a job with the airline. This skill would be valued by an employer because they could find exactly what they are looking for and would not have to provide any training classes to teach the new prospective employee.

By advertising a technical skill requirement this will then show prospective employees what the employer is exactly looking for, this will prevent excess prospective employees applying for the job who do not have the appropriate skills for the job. It will also reduce the amount of time wasted on interviewing candidates who are not qualified for the specific post.

2. Working procedures and system

Different jobs require particular skills to work different procedures and systems; this will therefore suit some people but may not suit others. In different areas some jobs involve working antisocial hours e.g. an office worker may work from 9am to 5pm whereas a chef may work from whatever time the business opens until it closes. Others may have to work evenings, weekends etc. Antisocial hours can lead to higher pay rates and so it has its benefits of attracting different candidates who may suit the job at different times.

Some jobs can include risks of health and safety meaning, the employee should be aware of the dangers and health and safety aspects of working in a complex environment. An example can include a fire fighter; a fire fighter would need to have a great level of courage and sense of duty to perform his/her job properly. But they will also need to consider the dangers of attending a fire.

Different companies may also have policies that may need to be familiar to a prospective employee in order to enable them to take responsibility for reading manuals or other documents that may have an effect on different working conditions. This may be valued to an employer as it cuts down on people that may not be suitable for this position and that do not have the skills to perform the job. This will then allow the employer to search for more specific prospective employees for the job.

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3. Planning and organisational skills

To an employer planning and organisational skills will be valued as these skills may be used in the environment the prospective employee is to work in. This is especially important if this environment is very target-driven, and various amounts of tasks are to be completed by specified deadlines.

Planning – by planning ahead this will help those to achieve their goals within the time limits given. This does not necessarily have to be a written plan, however but by thinking about the tasks being performed will help to increase a measure ...

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