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For this assignment I need to have two interactions with my clients. But before that I am going to get permission from the supervisor and the clients for doing my interactions.

I have chosen to do a group interaction, which are five people in a group and one to one interaction. The activity that I have chosen for one to one interaction is making gift cards and for group interaction is a cross word puzzle to make words with letters. My interaction will take place in a day care centre. My clients are elderly people age 65 plus. Before I do my interactions I am going to give witness statements to one of the staff to write comment on my interactions.

The environment of my work placement is been set up by having about 15 tables in the main hall and having 6 chairs around each table. In the corner of the main hall is a big kitchen. The lightening is perfect because is not to dark or to light.

My one to one interaction is taking place in the craft room. The reasons that I am doing my interaction in the craft room are because there is not too much noise in the craft room. There is more space to do my interaction and also there are more facilities in the craft room to do my interaction.

I am going to protect the identity of my clients by giving them the feeling of confidence so that they can understand their abilities. In my communication work I show respect for identity. The way that I promote their identity is to listen and built an understanding of their life. The reason for this is because listening and understanding would give them the feeling that I have respected them.

As Moonie described “Being an effective carer involves in learning about other people and listening to what they have to say and understanding the message people send with their body language”. Moonie. N p34 (2000). This means learning about other people is important. Because we need to know about what clients say verbally and what their body language say to us.

In my interactions the communication skills that I used were body language by showing facial expressions to show how I feel about the progress of the interactions that I am doing with the clients.

As Moonie described “communication cycle means the progress of building an understanding of what another person is communicating”. Moonie. N p315 (2000).

In my both interactions I used communication cycle and active listening by explaining what my interaction is. Then I watched my clients non-verbal response by seeing them smiling and looking interested. From looking at their face I realised that whether they are confused or not. I listened to their responses to what I said through my interactions by answering their questions and try to make sense of their responses by asking them do they understand. And getting answer from them saying yes. In my one to one interaction at the end I got expression of new idea from the client by designing the card in other ways and to make different words in my group interaction.

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In my one to one interaction the client were pleased that she is doing my interaction I realised this by seeing her smiling all the time through my activity. The symbols that I used were A-Z letters in order to make words with them.

I tried to have the right volume for my tone of voice through my both interactions. I consider the way that my clients sit so that they can see the interactions and me properly. I also make sure that they are comfortable. While I was doing my interaction the client was listening carefully ...

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