Communication & Employability Skills for IT. OCR Cambridge Technicals Unit 1 LO1-P1

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Table Of COntents.


Personal Attributes

Leadership Qualities

Leadership qualities are very important, especially in the world of work. Employer look for leadership qualities as this is a very vital skill. Employers will look for this to see if you’re fit for the job role. This shows that you can work independently and lead others for example teaching them marketing skills. Good leader always need a visions to guide them with their roles in order to achieve success. Leadership qualities show that a person can do the task asked from them also this will tell the employer that that you can be trusted to direct and to motivate others. A leadership quality also contains other attributes such as organisation skills; a leader needs to stay organised and meet up to the work requirements.

  • Leaders will need to make courageous decisions such as firing & hiring employees; this will affect the way that the employer sees the leader.
  • Determined about the work and work hard also working hard to set an example to others and show them that there is no limit to working hard.
  • Needs confidence to perform the job role and to motivate others.
  • Leaders need to show modesty to those in their control.
  • Needs to show sincerity towards the job role so that others can look up to them and do the same.
  • Magnanimity can give credit to others when it’s due. Takes own responsibility for any failures also helps others to feel good and brings the team more close and determined.
  • Communication will play a big part for a leader as they will have to communicate with other very often, if a leader cannot do this then they can’t create a team vision and will fall apart from the goal that they are working to, training others and creating productive work.

Sense of humour-Keeping employees active requires a lot of effort. For example if the office internet stops working then the employees can get frustrated. Using sense of humour could help them keep in track and reduce anger/frustration levels.  It is the job of the team leader to instil positive energy even when there are no problems that is when their sense of humour comes into play. Sense of humour is vital to relieve tension and boredom this will also help to diffuse hostility. Effective leaders know how to use a good sense of humour to energise employees in the work environment.

Creativity-This is the ability to think differently, sometimes decisions will not be so clear-cut. Also having the ability to forward think such as “What if…?” instead of saying “I know…”you may be forced at times to deviate from your set course and make on the fly decision. This is where an employee’s creativity becomes vital. During these times your team may look up to you and you may be forced to make quick decisions. As a leader you should reflect and think about your choices and not immediately go for the easiest choice. If an employee finds a choice too difficult to make then they shouldn’t hesitate to ask their team for help.  

Personal Attributes-Planning & Organisation skills

Researching- researching is a very important skill. This is used throughout many businesses. Employees need to use this skill to keep their business up to date with the latest news.
Prioritizing- identifying critical tasks, arranging tasks in order of importance, use to do lists to organise the tasks needed to be done. Do work on a daily basis in order to keep up with the work.
Record Keeping- Employees need good record keeping skills because they need to know which work they have done and when they have done the work because this will help organise work and reduce the chance of repeating the work again.
Time management- To be able to meet deadlines is very important because employers need work handed in on time. Attendance is important as well because if the employer knows that you have good time management skills and it will increase the chance of you getting picked instead of another employee.
Action Planning- Making a table or plan to use as a guideline to complete work. First the employee needs to think and decide the steps needed and how to achieve those goals. This is good because the employer will have high inspections of you and then will set you deadlines to complete the work. For example creating an action plan for normal work and then one for meeting deadlines and one for other important work such as meetings.
Ability to Multi-Task- This is when you have a lot of tasks to go through, you have to be able to deal with more than one task at a time. This is important because it will help the employee save time because they will be doing two tasks at a time.
Interpersonal Skills- This skill is similar to team working skills, it is having the ability to work with other people, employees will have to work with others and spend a lot of time together because they may have to complete tasks together.  The employee will have to confident with other employees and has to be assertive about their work.
Interpersonally Sensitivity-Interpersonal sensitivity is the life skills every person uses such as communicating and interacting with other people either individually or in groups. Employees with strong interpersonal skills are usually more successful in personal and work based (professional) lives. Employers usually seek for employees that have strong interpersonal skills because they will want them to work strongly in a team and be able to work effectively with fellow employees, customers and clients.

Personal Attributes-Problem Solving

Problem solving involves decision-making and these skills are important for management and leadership. They both require creativity in identifying and solving problems. All of this involves solving problems on a daily basis and at work. In real life an employee may have to deal with an awkward customer and treating them nicely and calmly. Another example would be if a computer program doesn’t work. Responding to it calmly and trying to solve it on your own would include problem solving. This will include independent work to help solve the problem.

Analysing and investigating-This will require a lot of thinking and will help you to exactly find out what your problem may be. This will also help you make decisions. You many need to pick up pieces of information and put them together in order to solve these problems.

Creativity- creating and applying new ideas and solutions. So when you’re working you don’t just do normal work but add creativity to it and make the work better. Creating new ideas will need the use of your imagination and a lot of problem solving so thinking about the advantages and the disadvantages. This will help you make your solution better.

Personal Attributes-Team player

Employees within the industry of IT will have to be a team player. In order to do that they must be able to co-operate with others, solve problems and work in a team.  This also involves for you to be confident with working with others, giving ideas within your group, being assertive rather than being passive or aggressive. You also need to be reliable with your ideas rather than just giving random ideas; this will help the group generate more ideas and efficient ones.

Commercial Awareness- is having an understanding about the business and the sector you will be working in. This doesn’t have to be about a specific business but about the business world. It is looking at situations from a commercial prospective. This can also include learning and understanding about what makes a business successful and appreciating the factors that can influence a business success. When you show commercial awareness it shows that you are committed to the work.
these is when you work with others and work with them even though sometimes you may not agree with their ideas or point of views. When you work together with others to accomplish a given task, this means that you have cooperated with them in order to complete the task, when you don’t get along with another person but still cooperate with them and work with them to solve problems and get work done.

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Responsibility-Each member within their group has their own roles and responsibilities. It is the responsibility of each individual to complete their own tasks and contribute towards the group and the team members.  

Personal Attributes-Business Skills

Different business skills are required for specific jobs, however they are all as important as each other and usually these are regarded as general skills. These skills could be used in day to day jobs.  

Verbal Communications- For an employee to have good verbal communication they must be able to convey messages usually through speech clearly and concisely. They must choose their words ...

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