Communication Table for business

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For Mark Band 1, you have to explain, using examples, how each different functional area communicates with each other, and external contacts.

To get Mark Band 2, you need to say how effective communications can help a business to meet its aims and objectives.


Task 1

To begin with, write a definition for communications. Look back at your notes for the communications definition. There are different ways to describe the kind of communication that is taking place, ie formal, informal, internal and/or external.

Task 2

As you know from your knowledge there are four main methods of communications: Oral communications, eg telephone conversations; Written, eg sending letters; ICT based, eg using video conferencing and Graphical communication, eg producing graphs.  

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Explain in detail these different methods of communications. You must include 3 paper-based types of communications - use a Letter, Memo and Report and include ICT methods of communications - to cover these different types of communications. For ICT methods you can use Emails, Video conferencing, Internet or Intranet. You have to give details on how it works, whether the communication is for internal or external use and whom it is for within the organisation. You need to say why this method of communication is appropriate and whether there are advantages and disadvantages of the type of communication. You ...

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