Communication within Businesses

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Assignment 3        -        Communication within Businesses

Businesses are owned by and run by various groups of people:  Workers and shareholders are two main groups closely involved with a business: other prominent groups include customers and without them the businesses would not run, suppliers and the government and also banks who loans money to the business.  Communication takes place between the groups and between the individuals who make up the groups and also mangers.  Effective communication is important together with control and management, which lead to efficient managing of a firm.  I have chosen two different businesses in terms of size and financial power. The one thing they have in common is that they provide a service to the customers which include a government paid service which is the opticians. These are Boots Plc and Rushey Mead Eye Care Centre. The Eye Care Centre is a partnership therefore the work will be split between the two partners who would take it in turns to attend interviews and conferences and It will be their job to then come back to the company to give feedback.  Boots is an international company that operate on a generously proportioned scale than The Eye Care Centre.  

What is communication: make known; broadcast; pass information to and from and also an access.  

Factors that influence the type of communication use:

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Task B

Within a business, internal communication will take place between the different levels of the firm.  For example, the director of the Finance department of Boots will communicate with the Management department who will then communicate with other stores to inform them.

External communication occurs when a firm’s directors or employees communicate with individuals and groups who ...

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