Communication within the work place.

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Business and Communications project


Title:  Communication within the work place

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This report is based on Blythwood Veterinary Group and is part of my G.C.S.E coursework.  This Project was set-up by Mrs Valentine.


  • To find out how Blythwood Veterinary Group communicates with customers, suppliers and staff.
  • To find out what kind of communication is used within the work place.
  • To find out what forms of information are used e.g. Textbooks.
  • Compare time taken using the various methods and communication available to Blythwood Veterinary Group customers.

What is communication?

To answer this question I had to use the following textbooks, visit Blythwood’s website, and carried out a questionnaire.

These are the textbooks and websites I looked at.

  • Title        : Edexcel G.C.S.E Business and communication systems

Author        : Sue Alpin, Jan Cooper, Fionia Petrucker, Jed O’Hara

  • Title        : GCSE Business Studies The Revision Guide

Author    : CGP Books

  • Website        :
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Communication is the passing of information between two people.

All organisations and places of work need to be able to communicate with other people within the organisation.

The most successful companies throughout the world are those who encourage two-way communication.

Communication can only take place if it is a two or more people passing information.

What is Communication?

Communication is the passing of

information between two people.


When a message has been delivered for it to be effective communication you are required to receive feedback to know that ...

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