Communications in business.

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In business there are different forms of communication happening every day, there are many different ways that you can communicate with people and many different times you will need to communicate with people in business because things are always changing. You could be having a meeting with you bosses, talking to you co-worker or on the telephone talking to someone. Communication is not just talking to someone or a group of people, when you speak to someone this is known as verbal communication and there are many different for of this. There is also non-verbal communication, this is when you communicate with someone but you don’t have to be speaking to him or her. You could be using written words, books, fax, email or a PowerPoint presentation. These forms of communication could be used when there is a company meeting or just showing someone something.

        The are two different times people will need to communicate in business, you could be communicating formally or informally.


 Formal communication is when you are talking about work and only work, and this may include many things. You could be on the phone, in a meeting, writing a report or just talking to you boss. Th a word line of communication is to do with Organisation charts, it is the way employees         formally communicate through the Organisation and whom they usually communicate to. The manager could be giving information or instructions to the staff or congratulating someone on a job well done. A worker could also be communicating to there manager giving them info on what they are doing and keeping him/her on what’s happening in the business, they could be responding to a question they were asked or giving them a suggestion on a problem the manager has.

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This is when you are talking about anything not necessarily about their business, you could just be gossiping about what you saw on the TV or how you think the facilities in the business are. In like formal communication it is vary hard to put informal communication in to a chart of any form. You would have to know who every ones friends are and how often they communicate to each person. There are many problems that can accrue when informal communication and gossip is used in businesses buy there are also many advantages that you can get ...

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