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Communications in business.

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Communications In business there are different forms of communication happening every day, there are many different ways that you can communicate with people and many different times you will need to communicate with people in business because things are always changing. You could be having a meeting with you bosses, talking to you co-worker or on the telephone talking to someone. Communication is not just talking to someone or a group of people, when you speak to someone this is known as verbal communication and there are many different for of this. There is also non-verbal communication, this is when you communicate with someone but you don't have to be speaking to him or her. You could be using written words, books, fax, email or a PowerPoint presentation. These forms of communication could be used when there is a company meeting or just showing someone something. The are two different times people will need to communicate in business, you could be communicating formally or informally. Formal Formal communication is when you are talking about work and only work, and this may include many things. You could be on the phone, in a meeting, writing a report or just talking to you boss. ...read more.


Internal communication is vary important for a business, if all the functional areas aren't communicating with each other properly they things could be disastrous. People would be over spending, ordering thing without permission, or misusing company money. The company would end up going bust. External communication is when you communicate out side of the business. You could be talking to a customer arranging their orders or talking to one of you suppliers ordering some more supply. There are ma different ways you can do external communication but some may cost you a lot. A lot of businesses now work with suppliers that operate outside of the UK. It uses to be hard for the two businesses to meet with each other, they would have to use plane or train to travel to have a meeting would cost a lot just to spend 2 or 3 hours in a meeting. Now two businesses can communicate with each other using video links. This is where a scream and camera in tow different meeting room, the camera projects an instant picture to the other room so every one can see each other. It cost a lot to set-up but it saves money in the long run. ...read more.


It the boss was communicating all the workers them letters or even email would be a more appropriate choice. Written communication will be used when orders are being made. Email would be faster but a letter can be forwarded to a specific person in the organisation and no one else will be able to access it and records of the order are easier to keep track of. Written communication is also used when bulletins or memos are being sent. These show that going to happen in the day and what's happened in previous days. This is a good way to communicate in business because the workers feel that they are been told and no about what's happening in the business. There are many ways to use ITC to communicate in business. ITC will be used when sending information over a long distance on a short time. This includes Internet and email. This is a new but excellent form of communication. IM will find this easier to communicate on small matter with their firms in Japan. ITC can also be used in presentations and meeting to create chart and diagrams made on a spreadsheet. This is a fast way to create breakeven chart profit loss accounts and other charts and graphs that will held the workers to under stand what's happening in the meetings. 1 11 Shaun Macdonald Unit 1 P4 ...read more.

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