Compare the effectiveness of different transmission methods.

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unit 10 communication technologies

D2 compare the effectiveness of different transmission methods.

Comparison of the effectiveness of different transmission methods are chosen in particular situation for a technological technology has progressed to a number than any other technology has ever progressed to, thus this progress has enabled for data to be transmitted using wireless technology. The following, mobile phones, radio, microwave and the internet are all a type of communication methods that use the technological advancement in wireless data transmissions. The wireless data transmission is a type of system that will transmit invisible electromagnetic waves to transmit data over a long/short range within a short amount of time. Of course there are many more ways to transmit information or data signals over a transmission method and this is only one way to send information or data signals.    

Radio: effectiveness of different transmission radio is basically a wireless media that transfers data by carrying electromagnetic waves with maybe long or short transmission (frequency) to distant or close by location in just a very short amount of time and it does that through the electrical conductor and the antenna that is attached to the radio. The electromagnetic waves that the radio sends with either the low and long frequency are regulated by the federal communication commission (FCC) so that it gets to the right location with a estimated time and they make sure that nothing goes wrong. Also the electromagnetic waves that the radio sends might be interfaced either the location been too far or a mountain thus inhabiting the radio signal to be sent or received.

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MICROWAVE:  effectiveness of different transmission  microwave is a wireless data transmission which enables information or data to travel through it using two methods, method 1 is a famous terrestrial method which uses two microwave transmission towers with a very clear line of sight and with no interfaces like mountains etc. it is also often used to ensure privacy to the user, of course if the microwave is going to use the two towers as a transmission then they would have to be fast so that is why their frequency data is from 4 GHZ and going up all the way ...

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This piece of work goes some way to addressing what is being presented as the task of comparing the effectiveness of different methods of data transmission. It does have some useful information and it is factually accurate in places. A fundamental requirement of any sort of comparison are things to use to make the comparison - in other words "CRITERIA". Some criteria have been hinted at but not mentioned consistently. For example