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Compared NHS e-library and BBC news

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BBC Audience and purpose Audience is the general public who are curious about what happens daily. Purpose is to provide the general public with day to day news instantaneously. Features News in multimedia is present. We are able to get news in any country. We are able to get weather reports as well. They also provide news about radio and TV programmes. If we request they send SMS alerts to mobiles. The date and time is available at the top of every page. ...read more.


The purpose of this website is to give some kind of help to the people who are ill or those who requires any medical advice. Features The colors used are soothing to our eyes. Medical advices are present in multimedia form. They provide these advices in many different languages. The date and time is available on top of every page. They have categorized everything so that it would be easy to obtain something. They enable us to choose and book hospital appointments. ...read more.


They also provide us with health news in the world. The information available is very well organized so that a person could easily find what they want. We do not need to get registered to book hospital appointments. Cons If we want to search for a doctor, we need to be sure of his/her postcode, town, or name. They have not provided us with their contact details to inquire about any doubt. Underpinning technology They send e-mail alerts of the latest news. Why people use this in preference to alternatives? Best health is an example of an alternative to NHS. People use NHS in preference to alternative due to these reasons: ...read more.

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