Computer Network

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Computer Network

A computer network is when two or more computers are connected together to share resources such as hardware, data, and software. There are various types of network services available that Sixes and Sevens firm can apply to their accounting group such as email, file transfer, conferencing e.t.c[D2].

Network Services

The whole point of a network is to allow computers to share resources, such as hard drives and printers and to allow communication. On major networks this requires a "server" and a "client", both together provide the following services:

* E-Mail

* File Transfer

* On Line Databases

* Bulletin Boards

* Conferencing[D3]

E Mail

Electronic mail (email) offers all of the facilities provided by fax and teletex but is paperless.

Electronic mail; offers the additional advantage of being able to store messages even when the destination terminal is busy.

E Mail Features

Terminal to prepare and store messages

A communication link with other workstations within the network

A central controlling computer which will be your email server

A directory of addresses

A central mailbox

A system which dates the messages

A function that notes that a message has been received by the addressee

A facility to multiple-address, so that all members of a particular working group can be sent a message simultaneously

A prioritising system, so that messages can be identified as either important or routine

A storage facility in order to keep, in the memory, those messages that have not yet been received.

Compatibility with existing equipment and computer systems[D4].

E Mail Advantages

Savings on stationery and paper costs.

Savings on telephone costs.

Rapid transmission.

Integration with other systems.

The recordings of all transmissions so that accurate costings can be obtained.

Allowing addressees to peruse their own electronic mail at leisure[D5].

File Transfer

What file transfer basically is is the movement of one or more files from one location to another. It's a facility which enables a user to transfer files electronically to another computer or to a printer.

Transfer across the internet from file transfer protocol (FTP) sites is also common. It's a network protocol used to copy a file from one host to another

Online Database

What an online database is, is a database accessible from a network or the internet. It's mostly accessed through the internet and normally contains a reasonable amount of useful information. Examples of online databases are the following below:

* Internet Search Engines

* Online catalogues

* Support Sites

* Forums

* Online Data Storage[D6]

Bulletin Boards

Bulletin boards operate rather like a notice board,

Allows individuals to leave messages,

Various information, such as notices or memoranda to all staff can be found on an internal bulletin board

A bulletin board may be setup by a service or product provider to keep users or purchasers informed of new developments

Internet, bulletin boards, either free or requiring a subscription, which hold some very useful information which can be accessed and downloaded by any user.


Conferencing is a process whereby communications is available between multiple computer users while all are connected to the Internet, and most likely see the same screen at all times in their Web browsers.

Some Web conferencing systems include features such as texting, VoIP (voice over IP) and full-motion video.
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Although In its most primitive form, conferencing allows number of individuals to speak to one another simultaneously over telephone network. Below are some examples of conferencing:

* Video-conferencing

* Chat rooms

* Telephone conferencing[D7]

Types of Networks

Local Area Network (LAN): A local area network (LAN) is a group of computers and associated devices that share a common communications line or wireless link. The computers are connected in a geographical close network, such as in the same building campus or could span two buildings of a similar office park. Usually, the server has ...

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