Data Processing Task. Mr Peters, the man who runs this particular Samsung store has approached me and asked me to investigate his current system of usage for keeping records of customers buying products from the store.

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Data Processing task

4 Bridge Street

Banbridge Co. Down


Northern Ireland



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Background Information

Samsung is a Korean company that has risen to prominence in many fields over the years. Samsung is a Korean company that has risen to prominence in many fields over the years. The size and the scope of the company is almost unimaginable, as they are one of the largest and most diverse companies in the world. While the company is mostly known for their technology division [cell phones, radios, MP3 players, computer screens, and the like] they have many other divisions as well.

The company has expanded from a humble storefront launched in the late 1930s to the largest company in Korea and the second largest company in the world. In addition to the electronics division, which is the most profitable and successful one in the world, the company also has forayed into finance, chemicals, retail, and straight-up entertainment-all with great degrees of success.

The company was once even larger than it is now, but the government, concerned about the power that the company amassed, required the company to drop some of its sub-divisions. Because the company is so large and powerful, they have been accused of bankrupting some other companies - or worse, making the market so that other companies don't stand a chance at the start. They are also very much so the leader in electronic components that other companies use to build products - and as such, can control the market value and inflate prices at will. This is why the government stepped in and attempted to somewhat limit the huge conglomerate's power and scope.

However, it is important to note that the company is responsible for at least 1/5 of the country's exports. As a result, they are in a position of power because of the money they supply to the government. Additionally, their vast number of employees are essential to the country's economy.

The company has been around for quite some time, and although there has been some controversy about their strength and power in South Korea, there is no denying that they benefit the economy greatly by providing jobs, exporting their services, and otherwise doing things that smaller companies would not be equipped to do. Samsung is a powerhouse of a company, with many people worldwide using their products, particularly the electronics such as cell phones and MP3 players. It's not surprising that the company continues to thrive in the ways it does.


Map 1

The map below shows the location of 'Samsung' in Bridge Street in Banbridge.

Map 2

The map below shows the location of Banbridge within Northern Ireland.


Mr Peters, the man who runs this particular Samsung store has approached me and asked me to investigate his current system of usage for keeping records of customers buying products from the store. He currently uses a manual system but he feels it will be much better if he uses a computer system to carry out these tasks.

He is interested in improving his record keeping, for example the way he stores his customers, his products and the customers order details. Recently the shop has done very well in business due to the latest product that rivals the iPad- The Samsung Galaxy Tablet. Since the customer base has increased it is far much more logical to computerise the records and it also offers a better service to the customers as they will have a print out copy of their orders rather than the more unprofessional way of just handwriting it.

This shop sells all the things you would expect to find in an electronic shop. It features TV's, laptops, cameras, phones and tablets. Mr Peters has currently ten members of staff in his business. There is now competition in this area with the opening of a new electronics shop not far away from where Samsung is situated. Mr Peters is very aware of this stiff competition and therefore he wants to improve the image of Samsung and improve the service that the company currently offers their customers.

I have been hired by company to take a look at the system. If I find that my results show that this current system isn't good enough I will have to think about computerising the system.

Is the Current System suitable?

* At the moment there is a normal manual system and this makes it very difficult to keep track of all the orders and it is extremely slow. If a customer wants to make an order they have to do so over the phone and so that's why I will incorporate email into the system.

* When an employee takes an order from a customer it is taken down on a piece of paper and it is filed away into a filing cabinet so it can always be tracked to. This sort of system means that sheets can be easily lost and misplaced as an employee could put the wrong record in one part of the filing cabinet.

* When the order is taken there is a receipt made out also with the price, order number and date written on and a copy is placed beside the original order and kept in the filing cabinet. The other copy of the receipt is given to the customer.

* Eventually over time with all these receipts building up there will be a lack of space in the office and in the filing cabinets and therefore some of them have to be thrown out. This is a problem as when some order sheets and receipt are thrown out they cannot be referred back to and this leaves the company in a bad position.

* At the moment the staff at the company has to add up all the weekly orders using a calculator and this takes a very long time. The manager wants a system that will automatically count the money that is taken in every week. They also want to see the money taken in for every week and track down the money that has been taken in previous weeks.

* The manager also wants a system that will see which product has sold the best over a certain week or a certain month. It has to be easily calculated with this new system. They want this as the way the system is now means that there is a lot of filing to be done and also there is a lot of calculations to be done and this can be very time consuming. This is why they want the new system as it will make life a lot easier.

* Over time technology has developed immensely. Having this type of system means that the company is automatically going to be lagging behind its competitors in terms of making sales. This system is also redundant as there is a lot of repeated entries that have no need to be there and they would be gone if the system was computerised

* The current system is very expensive to have and to keep running. For instance, there will be a need for pens to be replaced quite a lot. There will also be a need for other utensils such as paper clips, rubbers, pencils and staplers. The biggest factor and the biggest expense is the amount of paper that the company have to go through with this kind of system.

* There could be an invalid address given to a delivery man when he goes out to deliver the products and he will be left stuck with nowhere to go.

* If the delivery man delivers to the wrong address and he doesn't notice then the company will not realise until the customer phones in. This means that this could have lost an order and therefore could have lost the money from this order. There is no record of the product being received or sent until the customer phones in and this can have a very negative effect on the company.

* Many details are taken over the phone so when the employee is taken down the orders they will be rushing to get it all done. When they are rushing there is a higher chance they are going to make a mistake and if they make a mistake a wrong order might be processed to a customer and you could end up losing that customer for not being very trustworthy.

* When a new customer is added or a new order is taken it would be taken down using handwriting by either a blue or black pen. Other people in the company will obviously have different handwriting and they mightn't be able to read the other persons handwriting so this will cause confusion within the company.

* In the companies office the files are locked away in filing cabinets at the back of the store. A night there is an alarm system intact and this will try and catch anyone who wants the things in the filing cabinet. A professional burglar would most likely have no problem breaking into the shop and stealing from the filing cabinets as the locks could be very easily broken. There is also a realistic view that a fire could break out, deliberately or not, which could destroy all the companies' records. Since there are no back ups this could potentially keep the company closed for a long time and lose them a lot of money.

* When customer details are removed from the filing cabinets they would have to be placed back in the same order. All customer details are in alphabetical order and if one record is placed in the wrong order this could have a knock on effect to all the other customer details meaning they could then all be placed in the wrong order.

* Letters can also be sent to customers telling them of payments required or telling them of their order details. Using the current system these letters would be handwritten and this could lead to bad handwriting which the customer wouldn't be able to read. There could also be spelling mistakes and/or bad grammar used by the company and this will look disastrous for the company and make them lose customers in the long term.

What does the new system aim to do?

If a new computerised system where to be introduced it would have to shell out a few problems of the old system. Firstly there would be no more writing for the employees. Everything would be done on the computer using a database package. In the database there would be customer records and employee records. These records would be easily added to and edited. The records can also be deleted easily. This saves time over having to look for different files in filing cabinets and if something was to be deleted you would have to start the record over again. The system will also automatically be able to put data in to reports so data about a customer could be accessed easily and is laid out in an organised format of my choice. Another aim of this system is that an employee must be able to search for a particular customer and look at current orders and previous orders. This should be the same for products so if you went to search for a product you would be able to see the quantity.

Objectives of the new system

Having interviewed Mrs Bingham and having documented current working practices the following end-user requirements (system objectives) have been identified:

* All of the staff of the business will be using this system but obviously managers will use it more frequently. All of the staff have trained computer skills as they deal with computers every day but not a lot of them will be familiar with a database so therefore I have to make it user friendly. Documentation of the program will also be necessary in order to familiarise the user with the software.

* The user must be able to add new customer records, edit customer records, delete customer records and search for a particular customers record.

* The user must be able to add new employee records, edit employee records and search for a particular employee's record.

* The user must be able to add new products, edit products and search for a product within the database.

* The user must be able to add customer orders, edit customer orders and cancel orders when appropriate.

* If a customer is wondering when they will receive their order, a member of staff should be able to easily bring up their order and tell them the date they ordered it and when they should receive it.

* The user must be able to search for and view orders of a particular customer.

* The user must be able to search for and view quantity of a particular product.

* The user must be able to search for and view details for a particular order.

* The user must be able to generate reports including a list of all customers, orders and products..
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* The user must be able to generate a report showing product demand to date for the current month and for the current year.

* The user must be able to create a mail merge for all customers within the business. The user should have the ability to alter the actual template or letter used. This may involve the user having access to a word processor with the ability to alter the letter and compose a new template.

* The switchboard should be programmed to appear from the moment that the system has been opened ...

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