Database Coursework

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Database Coursework


I am creating this database for a Travel Agents in Egham. They would like me to create a database which allows them to be able to see their clients quickly and easily, see who their best customers are, be able to show them who owes them money, they would like to be able to print it out and finally it must be easy to use.

I am using a computer to create the database because it will be faster, cheaper, more accurate when compared to a traditional filing system. There are a few disadvantages of using a computerised database though. They require training to use and to produce, they rely on electricity and there are security concerns about databases on networks.

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  • Put all the clients wishes into the database
  • Keep simple to use
  • Make it to a professional standard


My database will consist on clients information-

  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone Number
  • E-mail
  • Specifications
  • Previous Bookings
  • Loyalty to the company
  • Disabilities etc.

My data will come from the companies filing system.

My back-up strategy will consist of floppy discs which all gets updated every Friday. The back-up should take approximately 20mins depending on the size of the database.

The database will not be affected by the Data Protection Act. For my ...

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