Describe the condition of Britain's railways and suggest how they might be improved

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Darren Burn (C)                01/05/2007

Describe the condition of Britain’s railways
and suggest how they might be improved

They have been likened to the third world. Millions have ridiculed them. Yet the government still fails to recognise a way in which it can improve them. They are Britain’s railways.

In the 21st century one would expect that such a simple and mature system should be operating almost perfectly without delays and cancellations. But Britain surprisingly has one of the worst rail networks in the world beaten even by Croatia and third world countries. The current Labour government can no longer lay the blame on the Tories and yet continue to do so ensuring that they try to take as little responsibility as possible.

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Commuters are increasingly late for work and some do not make it there at all and at the moment there does not seem to be a long-term plan to resolve the crisis. The rail network is facing staff problems with employees going on strike because they are not paid enough. The journey from my home in Milton Keynes to London (which takes as little as 35 minutes on the train at times) would cost an adult around twenty pounds off peak. With the trains often busy, it is therefore impossible to comprehend why the staff is not paid well. Rail ...

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