Different Purposes for which an Organisation uses ICT.

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Different Purposes for which an Organisation uses ICT

Organisations use ICT in many different ways and it is a valuable asset to companies as it allows various tasks to be completed quicker, also communication is made easier as e-mail allows letters, pictures, drawings and messages to be sent within seconds or minutes as opposed to days by the regular postal service. Those are very brief descriptions of a small amount of uses that organisations have for ICT, here is a more in depth look at the uses of ICT in organizations.


Communication is a major factor of ICT usage by companies and organizations. It is vital for companies to be able to send and receive up to date information swiftly. A major part of this comes through the use of e-mail (electronic mail); this is basically a modern day version of the postal service and allows the sending and receiving of documents all around the world to take place within seconds or minutes as opposed to days, which is a major key to success in most modern day businesses. Companies can use this to send mail quickly to another part of the company or even a customer and get feedback quickly from anywhere in the world, this can be seen in customer service departments of organisations as this allows the customer to send an e-mail and gain the information needed quickly and also allows the company to help the customer or act on any problem promptly.

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Networking (computers linked with one another) within a company also plays a big role for communication, although this would only be for within the company and could be used on a global scale. For instance networking allows for quick messages to be sent within office blocks, rather than someone having to walk down to another area they can send a message across on the network and the person will receive the intended message within a matter of seconds.

Video conferencing is a good way of communicating within and with other companies, it allows the viewing of presentations and lets ...

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