Different types of E-commerce.

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Ecommerce is the ability to, browse, decide, purchase goods online through the use of the internet and internet transactions exchange procedures.


There are four different types of E-commerce and they are

  • Business to Business (B2B)
  • Business to Consumer (B2C)
  • Consumer to Consumer (C2C)
  • Consumer to Business (C2B)

The advantages of using of ecommerce for the customers are

  • Buying can be easy and private because the product you want to buy maybe in another country making it easier to buy it from your own home and it can be brought privately this way because no one has to know that you have brought that product.
  • You would have much choice over the internet because the internet has become so big there are endless products you would want to buy.
  • It can also save you time buying something over the internet because the place you would want to go to could be a long distance away making it more efficient to do it over the internet.
  • Buying is interactive and immediate because you can buy it with instant success making it easier and immediate.
  • Can be used 24/7 because the internet ever closes.

Disadvantages of ecommerce for the customers are:

  • Security concerns with personal and credit card details.
  • You can't check the quality when purchasing like you could in a shop.
  • Things might look different online to what you get e.g. slightly different colours.
  • The shop might not send exactly what you ordered, you might get a substitute.
  • You need to be at home to receive large or valuable parcels.
  • If the item doesn't arrive, you might still get charged for it.
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The advantages of using of ecommerce for the seller are

  • Powerful tool for building good customer relationships because no questions are usually if you want to return the product and they will send you a new one.
  • Can reduce costs because you don’t have to pay a outlet stores to sell your product because you don’t have to give them any of the profit.
  • Can increase the speed of selling your product because the buyer will already know what they will want to buy.
  • Sell to anyone around the world.

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The writing is quite informal, and the writing could be in an paragraph format to ensure that the student explains in more detail, rather than using bullet points. The report does mention terms such as 'EFT', 'ATM' and 'POS'. The student goes further and explains what each of these terms mean and explaining how businesses implement these features.

The report contains the use of bullet points quite heavily, which only explains the key points, the student hasn't gone in-depth on certain areas. For higher marks, the student would need to explain the reason behind each bullet point. This would enable the student to state what the key point is and explain this showing extensive understanding. The report states that a 'good ecommerce website is Play.com', however the report doesn't mention the reaosn to why the website is 'good'. The student could link some of the bullet points to the real example, this would show extensive knowledge regarding Play.com with using the student background knowledge.

The report shows a basic understanding of how eCommerce websites operate from a consumer's view and a business view. However the report does lack detail, and the case study could be linked with the background knowledge to achieve high marks. The student lists a number of benefits regrading eCommerce, however the student doesn't explain how purchasing a product/service online can save the consumer money due to lower company costs. This is one of the main advantages, and the student hasn't placed this within the report. On the other hand, the disadvantages are quite good and are detailed which address all the main concerns regarding eCommerce.