Discuss the impacts on disability of ICT

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Discuss the impact on disability of ICT

There are a lot of consequences on disabilities of ICT nowadays. Many devices such as some specialist software and hardware were produced in order to help disabled users with their limited mobility.

With the use of two different types of devices – visual impaired devices and motor impaired devices, they improved the way how each disabled individual use ICT significantly. The common device – braille keyboard helps people who have total loss or partial loss of sight to read using braille dots. A braille printer can be used to print braille on pages, for the use for each individual. The keyboard has been one of the most successful devices; because it helped these people to read properly even without an ordinary book. However, these hardware are relatively expensive. It might be hard for some people to afford. The other downside is every individual who uses a braille keyboard will need to learn the ‘braille language’ which can take a long time to learn a new language.

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Apart from braille devices for the visually impaired, there is another device called eye typer for people who have loss of arms or/and legs. An eye typer is a hardware which fits onto the muscles near the eye to control the pointer on the computer screen. When the eye moves, the pointer moves. Another device would be mouth stick; it is a stick in the mouth to control input of the computer. By using these devices, they are able to use the computer keyboard to type in a way that they weren’t be able to.

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