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Discuss the impacts on disability of ICT

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´╗┐Ines Chan Discuss the impact on disability of ICT ________________ There are a lot of consequences on disabilities of ICT nowadays. Many devices such as some specialist software and hardware were produced in order to help disabled users with their limited mobility. With the use of two different types of devices ? visual impaired devices and motor impaired devices, they improved the way how each disabled individual use ICT significantly. The common device ? braille keyboard helps people who have total loss or partial loss of sight to read using braille dots. A braille printer can be used to print braille on pages, for the use for each individual. The keyboard has been one of the most successful devices; because it helped these people to read properly even without an ordinary book. However, these hardware are relatively expensive. ...read more.


The user may have to contact a special supplier for the device and make an order. Some devices like the braille hardware, users will need to purchase a set of braille devices such as braille printer, braille specialist paper or book in order to make use of it. A lot of these cannot be found in typical shops which will take more time for the user. Healthy people (non-disabled people) may need to convert normal language to braille dots to communicate with the disabled people which may not be as efficient as it used to be. Another obvious down side is that novice users will always have to spend a lot of time to start with what they don?t used to be using. For example, a visually impaired person has just started to learn to use the braille keyboard and braille dots. ...read more.


Also, there is another well-known system which called predictive text. We may have heard it from our mobile device, which predicts text when you write type on your mobile phone which allows us to type faster. And this was originally created for people who have physically impaired users who type slowly. With all these devices mentioned above, it shows a great advantage on disability on ICT. ICT has changed our live a lot as well as disabled people. From impossible to possible, they could not read or type, due to the loss of limbs or sight. After the rapid development of ICT, they can now type on the computer with braille keyboard, mouth stick, can now read easily and more comfortable with a screen magnifier, they can also hear better with a loud speaker and a lot more. Having the great facilities for them to work with ICT, this has significantly improved the quality of their life. ...read more.

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