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Documentation for the systems Administrator

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Documentation Documentation for the systems Administrator The system is a Database designed on Microsoft Access. A Database is a collection of information that's related to a particular subject or purpose, such as tracking customer orders or storing Employee's details. The system that the Administrator is going to administrate is The Somerfield Employee Database. The Database is designed to store Somerfield Store Employee's contact details, there work status and where they work in the Store; what Department. The procedure for installation For the Database to run on any computer Microsoft Access has to be installed. For information and help on Buying Microsoft products please go to wwww.microsoft.com. The Database will be stored onto a 3 1/2 inch Floppy Disk. To install the Database onto the Computer please follow the following steps: 1. Place the Floppy Disk into the Floppy Disk drive. 2. To access the Disk you must go to Start/My Computer/3 1/2 Floppy (A:) ...read more.


Therefore, the back up policy procedures will be as follows: * Back up the system files on a Compact Disk using a CD-Re-Writer (Theses regular back-ups should be done either monthly, weekly, or even daily) * The Back up files should then be placed secure where it is locked up in a fireproof room which is in a different location to the microcomputer * The first back up file should be named the 'Son', then when a more recent back up has been taken that should be called the 'Son' , and the first backup would now be called the 'Father', then once again on the next backup, the names should change again, the new backup should be named the 'Son', then the previous 'Son' should be named the 'Father', then the previous 'Father' should be named the 'Grandfather'. Once the next sets of backup files are taken they should replace the Grandfather, Father and Son. ...read more.


This Form will allow you to view the contact Details of the Employees and edit and make new records and save them as employee's details in the report. The other form which will be used is Form Department, as listed on the switchboard as Department Details Form: When running these Queries in the Database, a box will appear asking for a parameter value, this refers to what Data needs to be entered to identify the correct data, for example, Query Search by Department name: As you can see above the Data will be pulled out referring to which department is entered so if a different department was entered, for example if the Checkouts department was entered: All employees in that department will be located; it works the same on Query Search by Department ID. If the User of the Database needs any additional help using the Microsoft Products help is available in Microsoft Access: If the user requires any additional help he/she should visit: www.microsoft.com or ask the systems Administrator to provide help. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Management & Manipulation of Information section.

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