E-Commerce - Ebay and Boots case studies

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What is E-Commerce?
This is the service online that includes retail shopping, banking, auctions and more. E-commerce simply means the transaction of buying and selling things online. Millions people worldwide buy things over the internet and the popularity of this is still growing.

This quote shows how e-commerce is developing into peoples lives.

What are the advantages of E-commerce?

  • It allows people to sell things globally to customers that they not normally would be able to sell to.
  • It allows people that are busy or can not physically make it to a store to be able to order it online.
  • It allows people to easily shop around on the internet for the best prices.

What are the disadvantages of E-commerce?

  • People only get to see a picture of the product and not able to see and touch it in real life. This could result in scams.
  • Some people find shopping a good social thing to do, therefore E-commerce takes this aspect of it away.
  • You have to make accounts and enter your personal details, where as in real life shops, you don’t need to do this.
  • You can not pay with cash through the internet.


EBay is an e-commerce website. It allows you too buy basically anything that you could need. It also lets people sell products. These products can be second hand or new. EBay is used by thousands and thousands of people all over the world. Many different people use it and it can attract honest and dishonest people. To prevent being scammed on EBay, the site includes a feedback system that is used to make sure you are getting a product that is what you expect and that the service that the seller provides is honest. EBay is aimed at people who are looking to buy and sell products. It’s usually used by adults who know how to use the product.  People are more likely to want to buy from an adult than a younger teenager. The main target audience for EBay is people over 18 that have access to the internet.

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Auction service on EBay

When you are buying a product you either get an option to buy it now or to bid on it. When you click buy it now, you pay a certain price. When you choose to bid on it, the highest bidder at the end of a period of time wins and buys the product. 

You click place bid to enter an amount that you’d pay for the TV stand. The seller has entered a minimum price for it to sell at so it can now be sold below this. There is a time in ...

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