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Ecommerce Case Study

Extracts from this document...


´╗┐In order to begin E-commerce for the Cuckoo Games would be required to have an Internet Service Provider or more commonly referred to as an ISP. An internet service provider is a company that provides individuals and other companies access to the Internet and other related services. These services could include Web site building and virtual hosting. The reason that an internet service provider is required is because they have the equipment and the telecommunication line access required to have a point-of-presence on the Internet for the particular area. A point of presence is an access point from a particular area to the internet. The larger ISPs have their own high-speed leased lines so that they are less dependent on the telecommunication providers and can provide better service to their customers. The internet service provider will enable Cuckoo Games to connect to the internet and open them up to a number of other opportunities such as an online website, online payment methods and ultimately selling their products online through E-Commerce. It is essential for Cuckoo Games to have a sufficient computer network with a specification that will be able to cope with working online. This may mean that Cuckoo Games will need to purchase more equipment or improve existing equipment. In order for Cuckoo Games to benefit from E-Commerce they must have a few essential pieces of hardware and software. For example it will be essential for Cuckoo Games to have a Printer and could be beneficial if this also integrated Fax and photocopying facilities. A printer will be essential for the company as they will be required to print out invoices and receipts if necessary in order to attach to the products when they are being dispatched. The use of fax and photocopying facilities will enable them to receive information through fax enabling them to have a hard copy of the information. ...read more.


Although there are a large number of benefits to ecommerce there are also a number of drawbacks that must also be taken into account for cuckoo games. To begin with ecommerce lacks the personal touch that a number of people still prefer to have today. The personal touch may be a number of things such as a simple greeting when entering the store or building a relationship with the store staff. With ecommerce the customer does not receive this and it may discourage them to use the ecommerce. Another downside to ecommerce for cuckoo games could be that there is a delay for receiving the goods for the customer. A customer using ecommerce will have to wait for he product to be dispatched and posted to them. Many people interested in computer games will not want to wait to receive their product and may be encouraged to use other company?s meaning cuckoo games will loose custom. Shopping through ecommerce does not allow the customer to experience the product before purchasing it. In the majority of game stores there are consoles set up with the latest games in order for the customers to try and encourage them to purchase. By using ecommerce in cuckoo games it will unable to encourage customers to purchase new line products in the same way they are able to in store. There is always the element of authenticity for customers when browsing websites online as there is very little regulation on who can and cannot set up a website and use ecommerce for illegal activities. This may effect cuckoo games as they are a new company with little or no internet credibility. This may encourage customers to shop elsewhere and loose cuckoo business. Customers who may not purchase goods regularly online may be worried about security and stick to the mainstream and well known websites despite price and offers simply to ensure security. ...read more.


This also benefits the store as locals will be interested to check out what the company does. ________________ Google plus now offer pages for business which you are able to add photos, videos, links and contact details. Cuckoo games may want to build a Google plus page in order to share their latest stock or promote special offers. As Google is such a well-known and reputable brand the advertising on their pages will also help with customer confidence. Google also offer a service called Google places in which you can enlist your business name, website and address and all contact information. ________________ Cuckoo games may also want to consider advertising through social media websites such as Facebook and twitter. By creating a Facebook page it is easy for customers to contact the company and cuckoo games will be able to advertise through their customer perhaps offering discounts for anyone who hacks their profile, this will also help with customer feedback as they will be able to post their experience and help encourage other customers. Twitter will also be another very valuable social media site that cuckoo games can make use of. For example, cuckoo games will be able to ?tweet? their latest offers or promote new stock along with their website and contact details. A downside to this is that it ill require upkeep and perhaps even 24/7 management in order to deal with customer questions or complaints ________________ A popular method of promotion is writing compelling contenting and submitting it to blogs related to the company, for example cuckoo games would post on gaming forums and websites of their target market. By doing this cuckoo games already know that the people posting on these websites are already interested in what they sell which may make it easier for them to sell their products. Although this may be a good way to promote their website it will also require semi constant management in order to reply to comments and threads that could benefit cuckoo games. ________________ Richard Brier ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Information Systems and Communication section.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

This is a very comprehensive and thorough case study of the realities of e-commerce that an organisation must consider when setting up to conduct their business online. It includes a full rage of practical and logistical issues and also hints at the social and ethical ones for example the closure of high street shops with which we are all to familiar. This is a whole other section of work though!

There is good structure to the case study using a clear pattern of description, explanation, advantages and disadvantages. There is then evaluation of each particular topic within the context of Cuckoo Games, a company considering an online presence.

The essay is balanced overall and reads well (not including the repeated chunk in the middle!). In terms of content there is more than enough to have covered the main points relating to e-commerce.

In terms of improvement to this there are some things in terms of the quality of written communication that could be improved for example the odd wrong word or a sentence that does not make perfect sense (although the message gets put across properly). A final careful read through will address this and this hasn't been done yet (see repeated section!).

This is a 5 star piece of work. Thorough, accurate, well considered and effectively covering more than enough information to give a thorough account of e-commerce in the context of a business considering its options of expanding in this way.

Marked by teacher Ad Son 03/01/2013

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