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Effective communication in the workplace.

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´╗┐EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION IN THE WORKPLACE Communication is one of the main aspects in a workplace, it is extremely important that the communication is effective that is taking place. Messages shouldn?t be transferred incorrectly and wrong messages shouldn?t be interpreted, this can cause many problems in the workplace. Different types of communication are needed in different situations, sometimes general communication may be used but however sometimes interpersonal communication can take place. Written communication skills are needed when communicating through writing, this can include emails and letters. Written communication skills are needed when communicating through writing, this can include emails and letters. General communication skills are needed regardless of the type of communication. The time that interpersonal skills are used is when communicating face to face In order for communication to be able to take place there must be an audience for a message to be communicated to. ...read more.


To address this you may use different gestures or words to those that you would usually use when communicating with somebody from a different culture. Adapting to suit an audience: The way you communicate with an audience can vary depending on the age of the audience. The type of voice you use and tone that you use may be different depending on which age group it is. To maintain interest of your audienceyou may wish to do certain things such as use a different tone of voice and different volume as well. You may raise your voice in order to keep interest from the audience and make sure that they can hear you, you could do things such as use a microphone to maintain the interest of the audience. ...read more.


Other ways you can engage the audience are asking questions: If you ask questions to the audience it gives them a chance to get involved, also it will make them think about what you have said and gives them a chance to voice their opinion, an effective way of approaching question asking could be saying something along the lines of ?there will be a chance to ask questions at the end?, this will give the audience an incentive to listen to what you are saying even more. In the context of written communication a technique of engaging the audience and grabbing attention. For example in a presentation you may put animations, pictures and music in it to make it more enjoyable. You should only do this to a certain extent however, your audience may be distracted from the message you are trying to portray if they are overloaded with animations and pictures. http://managementhelp.org/blogs/communications/2011/01/02/20-great-ways-to-engage-and-involve-your-audience/ ...read more.

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