Evaluate the tools and techniques used to create finished animations

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D2. Evaluate the tools and techniques used to create finished animations.

1000 Words on Fireworks


There are features that are available on fireworks that allow you to create animations you can set up frames so that you can put images in and then you can progress the animations through the frames that you setup. When creating an animation on fireworks it is frame by frame, so this means that you will have to alter every frame so that it actually moves because if you don’t make every frame move slightly then it will jump and this will make the animation look out of sync and look bad. The thing about fireworks is that it takes a long while because you have to alter every frame. Fireworks are also good because it is primarily used for graphics so you can alter your images to make them look sharper and more in sync with the actual animation. When you have created your animation there is also an option on the frame speed (fps) which allows you to speed up or slow down your animation. You can also cut and crop your image this is a good thing because you are able to do all of the animation and all the graphical work in the fireworks program. Whereas if you created the animation in any other software package then you will have to do the graphics in a program and the animation in another by doing it in fireworks you can do them both at the same time.

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The advantages with fireworks are that you can create animations in fireworks by frame by frame; this will keep you in control entirely of the animation because you are able to edit frames easily by just clicking on the frame and changing the certain aspects of it that you want too. Also you are able to create images and edit them because fireworks is a graphics program so you can make different images to put on the animation. You can also open up allot of different files in fireworks so if you created an image in a different program ...

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