Evaluate the use of e-commerce in a brick and click organisation

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Evaluate the use of e-commerce in a ‘brick and click’ organisation

Brick and click indicates that business has shops (brick means physical presence) and also deals online (click means internet presence. My chosen organisation is Asda as they operate online and in store. Asda is a private limited company and provides goods and services which customers require in their daily life. Asda started online in 1998 and has now expanded all over the UK. Asda provide many services including grocery, general products and financial services with over 140,000 employees. ASDA’s headquarter is based in Leeds, UK. And has 532 retail store locations within the UK. Asda's operating profits increased by £51m to £857m on sales of £21bn in 2015. There are many reviews from third party sites which show mixed reviews for the online store, some include:  

By bringing e-commerce into Asda has many great effects on the company but also has many negative. Having ecommerce in Asda will affect the customers because they will then be able to sell everywhere in the UK and Ireland which means they can target a larger audience. Another, advantage of online trading is that Asda would be able to target the customer who are disable or don’t have time to visit local store. Again it helps Asda to increase their customers. Without e-commerce Asda will only be able to sell goods to a customer near their store’s location. Another advantage is 24/7 trading, it means that Asda can sell their products 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. So again its flexible selling time enhances sales as customers can buy product whenever they want. This has an advantage over their brick stores because they will close at certain times whereas its 24/7 online. However, delivery services are not 24/7 like online so it does limit the convenience of it.            

However on other hand Asda has to face competition from companies all over the world. Not only have that, Asda also had to advertise on the internet to make sure that customers know that Asda sell their goods online. There is advantage of global marketplace but on other hand it has disadvantage for Asda and especially for small retailer how may not sell their products online because of huge price competition from large companies. Large organisation can also advertise and can use promotion methods to attract online audience, while small retailer cannot bear expensive of the advertisement on internet. So Asda has to advertise a lot to increase their online sales. Competition, advertising and promotes tend to be similar to a brick store as they also need to compete with other supermarkets that sell their products in brick stores. Although, Asda do have promotions that are specifically online only which will attract more people to visit there online store and buy their products which is a huge advantage.

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In addition, online trading is very easy to start off and requires less money to start and maintain. Asda do not need to buy a very big store and get shelves for all their products which means they don’t need to buy all these things and hire staff like security to keep all items safe. Operating online arises a lot of security issues like hacking, viruses and identity theft. Therefore, it’s very important that Asda abide by acts like the Data Protection act to make sure that customers information is safe and to make sure that there is enough ...

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