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Tarif Ahmed Talukdhar     Centre number: 19235      Candidate number:  3163


My first user requirement was for the project to have a professional image look, so I will instantly notice it is a usable programme. I will know it has a professional look because it should stand out and should be in an easily readable layout. An example of a professional look image can be seen in page. As you can see the main menu display is Cleary readable, bold and stands out. The main menu sheet is broken into three sections stock side, supplier side and sales.

  In my first main menu screen it was not very clear or accessible, buttons were muddled in different place also they were all not there. A screen of the first main menu screen can be shown below:















After making improvement I believe the colour scheme is very attractive and stands out and shows the user it actually looks like a clothing industry system. Also it is easier for the user to access. The new main menu screen is shown below:










I believe the solution above is very effective and is what the user wants.

My second user requirement was that the System will have easy to use features and will be easy to navigate. So I will be able to add new stock to the system. So it will instantly show up on a table. I believe I have followed my user’s requirement in order for this system to be as easy as possible for the user to use. I have done this by implementing easy to use macro functions these are shown below:













 As you can see all the user needs to is enter information just as above in the cells, there are also help buttons if the user does not understand. After he has finished, all he has to do is click the new stock sml button. After the user has clicked the button it brings him back to the add new stock screen.


Once the button is selected the stock would be added to the database without any complication, as shown in the screen below.














As you can see above the item has been added, I have met my users requirement and have shown how easy button are to use.

My third user requirement is Calculations on my sheet will be freely accessible; all I have to do is enter the items I have sold, and its should give me a weekly sales data. I thoroughly checked my user requirement so that on the weekly sales sheet when the user selects the item he has sold it should come up with a price. Also after he has selected all his sold items a total price is worked out, using a sum function which is =sum (h3:h18). In the screen below you can see how I worked out the individual price of 1 item:

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 The arrow is pointing to the sum function used; this means when the user selects the amount of item sold, it automatically calculates the total.












The screen above shows how to work out the total sales of that week by adding the entire item sold together to get a total price. By using this function it save the user a whole lot of time, by not having to manually ...

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