Evaluation of my database project for a car sales business.

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(ei) In my opinion, the end result of the system is very satisfactory despite the problems that I faced during the development of the system. Following various meetings with Mr. Ghulraham, I can conclude that the system works as intended. This is because all the requirements that were specified were met. These requirements have been evaluated below:

Each requirement has been further looked at, discussing problems that I came across when I was fulfilling each requirement.

  • Add, Edit and delete member, and Cars:

It was inevitable that this requirement had to be met as this is one of the critical aspects of the day-to-day activities of Cars Rentals. These functions (i.e. Add, edit and delete) can be performed on the Cars, Members forms. The add and delete function can be performed by the click of buttons; the simplicity of Access allows the user to directly edit a field by simply clicking and typing the new data, so there was no need to make a button to allow this function. Evidence of this been met is shown below:

Adding function:

An example has been shown to show that a new form can be added.

 Members table before adding a new member

Table of members shown the member is successfully added.

Edit Function:

The images produced below shows that a form can be edited.

The field that has been highlighted shows the data that was in the field before it was edited.

The field shown on the left is the field that was edited, displaying the new data.

This table shows that the edited data has been stored on the database system

Delete function:

The new record that was created can be deleted by clicking on the Delete Record button.

A dialog box appeared to confirm the delete action and I clicked on Yes to delete the selected record.

A dialog box appeared to confirm the delete action and I clicked on Yes to delete the selected record.

The record that was deleted in the forms has in effect been deleted from the table as well.

  • Members should have a unique identification number:

This requirement was fairly easy to achieve as this was straight forward. When the Members table was being created, I created a field called Member ID and set the field name to Autonumber. This will automatically produce a unique number every time a new member is added to the system. I thought it would be ideal to have a unique ID for Cars as well so I created unique IDs for the Cars table.

As shown above, each member has their own member ID, which is automatically allocated when a new member is added. This also happens to the Cars table.

  • Validated data entry:

I feel that this specification was not fully met. Validation rules could not be set for some fields as this will not guarantee the validity of the data. For example, in the Surname field in the Members table, there is no validation rule that can be set as people can have all sorts of names so when data is entered wrongly in this field it will be difficult to identify it. Nevertheless, having set data types will help ensure the validity of data entered. It will be also advisable for staff to proof read data to make sure that data has been correctly entered. On the other hand, validation rules have been set in fields that require correct data to be entered. In addition, the use of data types, validation rules, look up wizards and proof reading, there will be a greater chance that all data entered is correct. An example has been shown that there is a validated data entry set.

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  • Search for members, and Cars:

This requirement was less difficult to achieve. I set up the search fields in the Cars, and members form. The Cars will be searched by their model. The members will be searched by their member ID instead of using their names because for example some members may have the same first names, surnames or even sometimes the same address, so the only unique field (i.e. ID field) was the only ideal field to use. This is straight forward, fast and efficient compared to the old system, where staff ...

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