Evalution of my database

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Evaluation of the performance of my database

For my database assignment I used certain Properties for example I used field types and field sizes very well in my work because I changed the size of the field to fit the right amount of data in and also field types is where I choose what sort of data will be entered into my database (etc... Text, Number, and Currency) if these changes were not made my data would have given false data. These were very easy to do as I simply had to use my instinct to know what field size and field types were accurate. Some of my fields didn’t really have to have a certain field size but I chose to put one in as for the field types it was advised for me to put them in as my data would have been entered incorrectly.

 It is easy to extract useful information from my database because you can easily read the information and the field are named accurately. It is simply to find certain information because there are ways you can use the database to find these information it makes it easier for the customers in the long run to be able to gather information from a certain criteria’s. I didn’t have any problems with this area because it wasn’t as difficult as I intended it was.

My validation prevents data entry errors because I have tested each and every one of my validations and they work perfectly so there will not be any data entry errors. I have also entered input mask for some of my validations these will make sure only a certain amount of numbers are entered into my database which will help people to not enter the wrong data. The good thing about having the validation in my database is that I know that the data being entered is correct and will save me a lot of time.

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The qualities of my reports are moderately good they show the information that you get when searching for a certain type of data. But before I started my reports I got confused on what exactly the reports show as they were a written form of my queries but I eventually understood what they were showing. I have stated which are my primary keys and which are my foreign key and from my primary key, foreign keys and also my fields of data I have created a relationship table which shows the relation between each table and their fields.  The relationship ...

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